Key Year-End Dates

Diana Moore

December 17, 2018

Dear Pastor, Finance Chair and Treasurer: The staff at the Conference Center join me in wishing you and your congregation a joyous Christmas and peaceful New Year! This communication contains information with respect to mailing year-end payments to the Conference.  Please share as appropriate. Please contact me should you have any questions. Sincerely,   Diana Moore Treasurer’s Remittance Report: The Treasurer’s Remittance form should be sent with payments for Apportionments, Benevolences and ...

Statistical Table Information

Margaret Howe

December 13, 2018

Dear Pastor, Finance Committee Chair, Treasurer and Trustee Chair: Our Annual Statistical Table process will be ready very soon!  It is time to get your information together! This is the system in which you will report your 2018 data – Table 1: Membership and Participation, Table II: Church Assets and Expenses, Table III: Church Income. The Book of Discipline requires pastors to give an account of their pastoral ministries to the Charge and Annual Conference. There may be individuals and/or ...

IRS Reporting and more

Sally Truglia

December 13, 2018

Dear Pastors, Finance Chairs and Treasurers, The end of the year brings the joyous celebrations of the Christmas season and the hope for a peaceful New Year. Unfortunately it also brings some financial housekeeping issues with which we must all comply.  Listed below are some new reporting requirements and some annual reminders.  1)   2018 W-2 Preparation:  All churches must prepare and distribute W-2 forms for their pastors and their lay staff by January 31.     Church plans are still exempt ...

Your December 2018 NY/CT CONNECTOR Newsletter is here!

NYCT District

November 28, 2018

Greetings! Click here to view the December 2018 Edition of the NY/CT CONNECTOR Newsletter.   The deadline for the next edition of the CONNECTOR is Monday, December 17, 2018. Did you have any special Thanksgiving events that you would like to share with us?  Did/will you have any special or out of the ordinary Advent or Christmas celebrations?  We'd love to hear about it! Please send your articles and photos to  Karen

"On Our Way Forward:" An Advent Devotional from NYAC Deacons

November 28, 2018

Friends,  At the Deacons Day Apart in mid-October, the Deacons discussed the Way Forward Commission reports and the Special Session. Out of that discussion came a strong desire to offer something meaningful for the clergy and laity of the Conference to use during the Advent season to prepare them for the Special Session. As a group, the Deacons decided to write a collection of Advent reflections on the theme "On Our Way Forward." I am pleased to share this collection with you now. Click to read....

Thanksgiving and Advent Message from Missionaries Sara Flores Quinones and Douglas Dakin Cook from Ecuador

November 24, 2018

Dear friends,  In this Thanksgiving time, we give thanks to God because you truly are part of God’s Mission in Ecuador.   We give thanks for your love, prayers and offerings sent through the Advance Projects for Pastor’s Support, Children’s Ministries and Construction. We give thanks for the presence of Volunteer in Mission teams, thanks for your work and witness together with the Ecuadorian Churches.   “What you are doing is much more than a service that supplies God’s people with what they ...

Resources for Advent 2018

November 19, 2018

Five  studies in the Resource Library for you to consider as you plan for Advent 2018. Order online . All I Want for Christmas: Opening the Gifts of God's Grace By James W. Moore.  What’s on your Christmas list this year? How about the greatest gift of all…God’s gift to us of a Savior? This five-week all-church Advent study helps us think about what we really want for Christmas by reminding us of the amazing, life-changing gifts Christmas has in store for us. Down to Earth By Mike ...

Church Authority & Secrecy

Ross Williams

November 08, 2018

Dear Church Leaders, I often receive questions about the authority of church leaders over financial matters and access to financial statements, systems, meetings and records.  Listed below is guidance on these topics from The Book of Discipline and other UMC publications.  The Book of Discipline is available online at One of the hallmarks of our denomination is a structure and practice of openness, transparency and ...

The November 2018 NY/CT CONNECTOR is here!

NYCT District

November 08, 2018

Hello all! Click here to see the November 2018 Edition of the NY/CT CONNECTOR Newsletter.  The deadline for the next edition of the CONNECTOR is Friday, November 16, 2018. We would love to know about any anniversary celebrations your church may be planning.  We would also ask you to share information about ways your church is getting involved in your community.  In addition, are there any ways that your church communities have or will be expressing gratitude for all of their blessings? Please ...

New York State Law: Training Videos Now Available

Sally Truglia

November 02, 2018

The State of New York has updated their website regarding mandated Sexual Harassment training for all employers in NY. As you learned in my previous emails, the law requires all employers to create and publish a Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint Form, as well as introduce annual employee training. The NY Division of Human Rights has templates available for our use and has recently added two training videos, each approximately 20 minutes in duration.  Click here to view the employer's ...

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