The November 2018 NY/CT CONNECTOR is here!

NYCT District

November 08, 2018

Hello all! Click here to see the November 2018 Edition of the NY/CT CONNECTOR Newsletter.  The deadline for the next edition of the CONNECTOR is Friday, November 16, 2018. We would love to know about any anniversary celebrations your church may be planning.  We would also ask you to share information about ways your church is getting involved in your community.  In addition, are there any ways that your church communities have or will be expressing gratitude for all of their blessings? Please ...

New York State Law: Training Videos Now Available

Sally Truglia

November 02, 2018

The State of New York has updated their website regarding mandated Sexual Harassment training for all employers in NY. As you learned in my previous emails, the law requires all employers to create and publish a Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint Form, as well as introduce annual employee training. The NY Division of Human Rights has templates available for our use and has recently added two training videos, each approximately 20 minutes in duration.  Click here to view the employer's ...

Church Finance Training

Ross Williams

November 01, 2018

Save the date!  The Conference will be offering training on Church Finances at each of the six upcoming "District Days".  This is an opportunity for the laity of your church to better understand church finances including audits, taxation, roles / responsibilities and appropriate financial controls.  I especially encourage Church Treasurers, Financial Secretaries and Finance Chairs to attend. Locations have not yet been determined but the dates appear below.  These are evening meetings that will ...

Explaining Apportionments

Ross Williams

October 23, 2018

Dear Pastors, Treasurers and Finance Chairs, Attached to this email is a document that may be helpful in understanding or explaining to church members how Shared Ministry Apportionments are calculated and used by both the Conference and the General Church. Topics included are: Apportionment Basics Calculation (the formula) Apportionment Adjustments Where Does the Money Go? Funds apportioned by the General Church Reporting  Please note:  when churches pay their apportionments they are ...

Is your church ready for a new copier?

Barbara Eastman

October 19, 2018

To pastors and churches:   We’d like to introduce you to our new copier vendor, LDI Color Toolbox. The NY Conference recently signed a lease agreement for three new Canon copiers which will save us almost $10,000 a year over our last lease. These Canon copiers are easy to use and have been providing great copies with very little intervention since they were installed.   Our sales rep, Michael Farrell, is really great to work with, helping us to find the technology appropriate for our needs and ...

Church Insurance

Ross Williams

October 18, 2018

Dear Trustees, Treasurers, Finance Chairs and Pastors: It is very important that churches carry adequate Property & Casualty insurance on their buildings, vehicles and operations.  This is because one uninsured incident can result in significant financial costs and potentially, the closure of a church's doors.  Being adequately insured is probably the single-most important action a church can take to protect it's assets, it's people and it's ministry from unforeseen events. When it comes to ...

UMCOR - Hurricane Disaster Response

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton

October 16, 2018

TO: All Clergy, Lay Leaders, & Administrative Council Leaders FROM: Thomas J. Bickerton, Resident Bishop RE: Hurricane Disaster Response Dear Friends, On Friday, October 12, I was involved in a meeting of the UMCOR Board of Directors in Atlanta, GA.  During that meeting, an UMCOR Unit Director began speaking about the urgent needs that have emerged around the recent round of hurricanes and typhoons that have taken place across the world.  In her report, she used the phrase, the “new normal.” The...

Laity Sunday, October 21, 2018

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton

October 12, 2018

October 11, 2018 Dear Friends & Colleagues, I write today to share with you some words of encouragement for our upcoming celebration and recognition of Laity Sunday. Laity Sunday is a special Sunday which has been established and promoted over the years as an intentional way to focus on and celebrate the ministry of the laity throughout the church.   This year Laity Sunday has been set for October 21st, 2018.   The theme of this year’s Laity Sunday is, "Therefore Go! With Hope Through Offering ...

New York State Law: Combatting Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sally Truglia

October 05, 2018

The State of New York has issued additional guidance regarding mandated Sexual Harassment training for all employers in NY. As you learned in my previous email, the law requires all employers to create and publish a Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint Form, as well as introduce annual employee training. Luckily, the NY Division of Human Rights has updated their initial guidelines and polices so that the templates are available for our use. The main website contains information for the ...

Utility Cost Reviews

Ross Williams

October 03, 2018

Dear Treasurers, Finance Chairs and Pastors, You may remember that we worked with a company called Cost Stewardship, a vetted partner of our denomination's finance agency, to help churches obtain federal refunds of healthcare costs.  Our Conference was the most successful of any in the U.S. with our churches receiving total healthcare refunds of $78,555.  These funds, available for vital ministries, went directly to the churches that engaged Cost Stewardship to perform the service.  That program...

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