Bishop Bickerton Responds to Charlottesville Events

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton

August 16, 2017

Dear Friends & Colleagues of the New York Annual Conference, This one has taken a little while. Having a virus in the middle of the summer will do that to you; so will the virus that seems to have affected life all around us, . . . When the word began to emerge from the horrific events in Charlottesville, Virginia a few days ago one of my first reactions was a genuine one: “What will I say this time that will be any different than what has been said over and over again these past several months?...

The View from My Window: Finding Ways to Curb Spiritual Tiredness

David A. Gilmore

August 15, 2017

“But now more than ever the word about Jesus spread abroad; many crowds would gather to hear him and to be cured of their diseases. But he would withdraw to deserted places and pray.” (Luke 5:15–16) As I’ve traveled around our wonderful conference visiting with wonderful clergy and laity, one constant I’ve encountered seems to be a spiritual “tiredness.” Many of our churches have been working so hard for so long we have become “tired” of the work, or “tired” of doing the work in the places ...

Bishop Bickerton: Fruit of the Spirit, Words to Live By

Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton

August 14, 2017

Words to describe the times in which we are living are not hard to come by these days.  Words like unpredictable, challenging, and confusing come quickly to mind.  Drill down deeper and you will find words and phrases like crazy, head-scratching, and bizarre bubbling to the surface. Whatever the word, these are times when each day brings a new story that only increases the search for the right word to describe it all. Depending on which side of the fence you find yourself, it seems that these ...

Jamaica Mission Mt. Osborn Methodist Church

August 08, 2017

JAMAICA MISSION 2017 Mt. Osborn Methodist Church Pictured above (left to right) John Machledt, Mize Johnson, Polly Torrence, Phyllis Machledt, Bob Lindquist, Maya Pelletier, Kelly Taylor, Mike Emard, Sam Pelletier, Panton Christie, and Alexa Lundin.   On July 4th a mission group of 11 members led by Golden Hill United Methodist Church, Bridgeport Connecticut traveled to Leeds, St Elizabeth Parish in the hills of Southwest Jamaica. For six members of the group, this was a return ...

Mission Trip to Haiti August 2017

August 08, 2017

In early July, our 22-person team had the privilege of visiting Furcy. For some, it was an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and for others; it was the first exposure to a community so many of us think about every day. Our group was a wonderful mix of high school, college-age and older “youth” and we were also blessed to have a last-minute addition to our team – a high schooler from New Jersey whose family fled Haiti after the earthquake but visit every summer. His parents had approached...

Finding a lost phone

Barbara Eastman

July 31, 2017

Our phones have become so important to us that losing one can cause a lot of stress and expense. Many of you already how how to set up your phone so that you can find it if it's lost, but for those who haven't yet done this, here's some help from Popular Science magazine (please turn down your volume before you click the link, and excuse the ads): The instructions are for both iPhone and Android devices, and also include information on how to ring, lock ...

Issues Affecting the Use of Wireless Microphones

Barbara Eastman

July 19, 2017

Overview Some wireless microphones (mics) currently in use will soon  be illegal to operate. The FCC auctioned off a frequency bandwidth this past April – one that had been used by TV stations and many wireless mics. The auction of this band was done to meet the demand resulting from the proliferation of cell phones in the US. If your wireless mic is within this auctioned frequency (600MHz), you will need to replace it soon (and sooner than later if you are in the NY Metropolitan area). ...

Offering ‘Understanding’ May be Wrong Response

Jim Stinson, Consultant on Older Adult Ministries

July 18, 2017

“If I could change places with him, I gladly would. He has so much life left to live, I have already had a full life. I would be glad to die if it would save my son.” He knows changing places is not possible. Yet he knows how he feels. He, among other things, is feeling helpless, which is apparent in his response to hearing his son’s diagnosis. What does one say in response to such anguish? His son knows that he is facing serious medical issues and is very concerned how his 90-plus-year-old ...

The View from My Window: Looking for ‘Peace’ Amid the Pieces

David A. Gilmore

July 18, 2017

“Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace—in peace because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock.”  (Isaiah 26:3–4) I’ve been reflecting quite a bit lately around how the “piecemeal” fits into my “peace.” I mean, with all of the “piecemeal-ing” occurring around us, where do we find “peace?” In a perfect world there would be no sickness . . . or death. In a perfect world every one would be living harmoniously with every one else. In a...

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