Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery

Frontlines: NY & CT Sandy Recovery Updates - Dec 2015

Disaster Recovery Ministries Team

December 08, 2015

Message from Tom Vencuss, Sandy Disaster Recovery Coordinator:  Two Sundays ago, Wendy and I were invited to speak at a church in Connecticut, to give an update on the Sandy recovery effort. As we were driving there, it dawned on us that it was the first Sunday in Advent. We began to wonder how to best combine a message on disaster recovery with the overall message of Advent. That question was answered very quickly as we sat down for worship. The Call to Worship and opening  prayer were ...

The Voices of Sandy Recovery — A Feeling of Family

Joanne Utley

November 01, 2015

A Feeling of Family For Stephania Petit, a recovery case manager on Long Island, there is a special bond with her clients. Sometimes all that they need is for someone to listen, to be present with them. “We make it so easy and different for them . . . we make them feel like there is hope for them . . . when we walk them through the process . . . they see us as family,” she said. "Do It!" Eileen Flynn has been amazed at the volunteers who have come to work on her house. “They were so cheerful ...

The Voices of Sandy Recovery — Getting People Back into Their Homes

Joanne Utley

October 31, 2015

Emily Bauer, a client manager with the Friends of Rockways, describes all the work that will go into a house that was filled with eight feet of water during Hurricane Sandy. Her organization is one of the groups partnering with NYAC/UMCOR in the rebuilding effort. View the photo gallery Hannah Arnett, a disaster recovery specialist for NYAC/UMCOR, faced a daunting task when she went to work in Queens in early 2014. While there was limited rebuilding going on, there was no real cooperation or...

The Voices of Sandy Recovery — Touched by Unselfishness

Joanne Utley

October 30, 2015

Touched by Unselfishness Tom Kurianski took shelter with a friend on the night that Hurricane Sandy made landfall three years ago. He didn’t want to be there to see what might happen to his small cottage that sits just one door down from a canal in Lindenhurst. Today, he is immensely grateful to the teams of a dozen or more volunteers sent by the United Methodist Church. They have made his home inhabitable once again. One of Kurianski’s remaining challenges is to have the house raised several ...

The Voices of Sandy Recovery — Making a Difference

Joanne Utley

October 29, 2015

Open Doors, Open Purses Rev. Wesley Daniel is an assistant site coordinator in the Brooklyn recovery office, which he helped establish in St. Mark’s UMC. He serves as the pastor for Calvary UMC in the Bronx, but previously spent 10 years in Brooklyn. Daniel noted that getting help in Brooklyn was “a huge task” at first because the storm damage was less obvious than in other places. The floodwaters created more damage inside homes than outside. A critical part of their work was to help people ...

The Voices of Sandy Recovery — The Fact They Cared Was Wonderful

Joanne Utley

October 28, 2015

George Morafetis barely escaped the floodwaters that came thundering through his Staten Island neighborhood, and it would be days before they subsided enough that he could safely return home. Rebuilding his home, which has now been raised several feet, included filling the 77-foot long space under his home with three feet deep of stones. View the photo gallery   Jackie Passer, works with ReachGlobal crisis response, a mission arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Reach Global was ...

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