Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery

The Voices of Sandy Recovery — You Can Say Yes!

Joanne Utley

October 27, 2015

“Returning a Sense of Belonging” Will you say “yes” to help those longing to return home after three years? Download this compilation video to show at your church or in your community to make people aware of the continuing need to help survivors of Superstorm Sandy rebuild their homes and lives. Click the links below the video to download a copy to your device. Download this video: High Def (mp4, 1280x720) 138MB Standard Def (mp4, 640x360) 39MB Mobile (mp4, 480x270) 26.5MB Information for ...

The Voices of Sandy Recovery — 3 Years Later

Joanne Utley

October 26, 2015

On October 29, 2015, we will mark the third anniversary of Superstorm Sandy wreaking havoc along the coastlines of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Credited as the second costliest hurricane since 1990, Sandy damaged or destroyed more than 653,000 homes in the tri-state area. Over the next week, the New York Annual Conference will offer a look at how the storm and recovery has affected homeowners, volunteers and those involved in coordinating the rebuilding efforts in New York and ...

Mission Minutes: Superstorm Sandy – Then and Now

August 31, 2015

Members of the NYAC Sandy Recovery Ministry staff and program are available to local churches to present a 3 to 5 minute “Sandy Mission Minute” as part of the third anniversary recognition. As we have witnessed the recent reports on the continuing needs from Hurricane Katrina, the recovery for many Sandy-affected survivors will continue for the next 10 years and beyond. The New York Annual Conference has played a major role in the faith-based, non-profit, recovery effort. Staff members are ...

"Here I am. Send me!"

Previous Bishops

July 29, 2015

Hurricane Sandy struck the New York area on October 29, 2012, and three years later the need for assistance to handle the destruction left in the wake of the superstorm is still being addressed.

Frontlines: Sandy Recovery Updates

Disaster Recovery Ministries Team

June 01, 2015

From Tom Vencuss, NYAC Sandy Recovery Coordinator: As we move through this spring and summer rebuild season, the need for volunteers becomes even more critical. A number of rebuild/recovery organizations will be phasing out or downsizing in late summer and fall. We need to take advantage of the partnerships that exist, while they exist.

Frontlines: Sandy Recovery Updates

Disaster Recovery Ministries Team

May 01, 2015

From Tom Vencuss, NYAC Sandy Recovery Coordinator: Many years ago, when I was hiking the Appalachian Trail, there was a small group of people with the trail name, “Go slow, go far.” They recognized that such an endeavor was not a sprint, but a marathon of sorts.

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