Technology Tips

Finding a lost phone

Barbara Eastman

July 31, 2017

Our phones have become so important to us that losing one can cause a lot of stress and expense. Many of you already how how to set up your phone so that you can find it if it's lost, but for those who haven't yet done this, here's some help from Popular Science magazine (please turn down your volume before you click the link, and excuse the ads): The instructions are for both iPhone and Android devices, and also include information on how to ring, lock ...

Issues Affecting the Use of Wireless Microphones

Barbara Eastman

July 19, 2017

Overview Some wireless microphones (mics) currently in use will soon  be illegal to operate. The FCC auctioned off a frequency bandwidth this past April – one that had been used by TV stations and many wireless mics. The auction of this band was done to meet the demand resulting from the proliferation of cell phones in the US. If your wireless mic is within this auctioned frequency (600MHz), you will need to replace it soon (and sooner than later if you are in the NY Metropolitan area). ...

Tech Tip: "Spoofing" and "Phishing" Emails

Barbara Eastman

March 07, 2013

A topic of conversation at the conference center recently has been about "spoofing" emails that folks have been getting from other nyac email addresses and other institution which vaguely appear legitimate. These are probably "phishing" attempts.