Building Empathy: February 10, 2021

Building Empathy
Scriptural Focus — Matthew 22:36-40 

Today’s Meditation: How Does God's Love in You Turn Outward?

Morning Devotion

Use the video below to listen to Jeremy Casella’s “Spirit (Keep On)." After listening to this song, respond to this prayer prompt: “O Love that draws me near to you, I hear your Spirit calling me when I …

Explore How God's Love in You Can Turn Outward


Below are a Few Resources to Guide You:  

Listen to an Interview with the inspiring Bonnie St. John on Micro-Resilience. As a leadership consultant and executive trainer, Bonnie St. John works to address common complaints among high-achievers: periodic burnout, lack of focus and low energy with an approach based on the latest research on neuroscience, psychology and physiology. 

Her approach shows that small adjustments in daily routines (including thought patterns, food and drink, rest and movement) can fight the forces that sap our energy and store focus and drive. These efficient restorative techniques are called "micro-resilience."

Give Up Distraction, Exhaustion and Negativity for Lent. Bonnie St. John is offering FREE access to the Micro-Resilience Learning Community during the Lenten Season (February 17 though April 4) for the first 100 NYAC clergy to sign up using this link. 

Go here to learn more about Micro-Resiliency
 and click here to watch Bonnie's Ted Talk, "Be More Resilient with a FIRST AID KIT FOR YOUR ATTITUDE!"

Watch the video below to see what social researcher, Dr. Brené Brown has to say about Empathy.


               Want to hear more? Listen to Dr. Brown's podcast, "Unlocking Us."

After listening to these conversations, consider: How are you building empathy and resiliency to turn your love outwards? 

More suggested reading: 

“Rest in the Storm: Self-Care Strategies for Clergy and other Caregivers” by Kirk Byron Jones
“The Unspoken Complexity of Self-Care"  by Deanna Zandt
“The Best Articles on Self-Care in the Church” by April Yamasaki

Personal Time


2:30 pm
Live Q&A with Bishop Bickerton

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4:00 pm
Closing Worship Service
Rev. Marjorie Nunes: Moving from Baptism to Transfiguration

Service designed by Jorge Lockward and Doris K Dalton. Collaborators: Matt Curry, Marjorie Nunes, Dong Hyun Choi, Wendy Paige, Jeff Wells, Dorlimar Lebrón-Malavé, Katie Reimer, Alfida Figueroa, Mayra Francisco, and Bishop Bickerton. 

Worship on your own by watching on this website or watch on Zoom with Doris K. Dalton at 4:00pm.