Caring for Ourselves: February 9, 2021

Caring for Ourselves
Scriptural Focus Psalm 139: 13-15  

For Today’s Meditation: As a Vessel of God’s Love, How are You Caring for Yourself? 


Morning Devotion

After watching the video below, respond to this prayer prompt: O Love that overflows my cup, I remember your love for me when I …  



Explore Your Self-Care Practices


Below are a Few Resources to Guide You:  

Watch the two-part conversation on “Loving Ourselves: Best Practices and Tips for Clergy Self-Care” 
with Rev. Dorothea Crites (ordained Deacon and psychotherapist) and Rev. David Henry (retired Elder, pastoral counselor and chaplain). 



Listen to an interview on “Self-Care Journeys," a conversation with Rev. Shari Ponder
, Executive Pastor at Salem UMC in Manhattan and creator of the popular podcast, Prayer and Prozac. Doris and Shari talk about a theology of self-care, strategies on how to disconnect in
 a connected world, and how People of Color can create self-care boundaries for themselves.


 Go here to listen and subscribe to Rev. Ponder's podcast,  Prayer and Prozac.









Watch an informative Round-table discussion on practicing Self-Care in Cross-Racial/Cross-Cultural Appointments with Rev. Adrienne Brewington and Rev. Albert Hahn. Moderated by Doris K Dalton. 



After Engaging These Activities, Consider Your Own Self-Care Practices. How are You Caring for Your Body, Mind and Soul?  

Physical Health: How is Physical Wellness Part of Your Self-Care Practice? Take a moment to stop, rest and breathe with a simple three-minute stretch. The video below features NYAC Abundant Health Coordinator, Rev. Wendy Vencuss. Check out her companion article, 10 Super-Simple Ways to Maintain Wellness While Social Distancing.

Join the “Caring For You” Health Challenge on your Virgin Pulse account at Respond to the questions on how you are caring for your physical and mental health and earn Wellness Credits. Checking in every day of the Health Challenge (Feb 8-14) will help you earn points. 

Emotional Health: Is Emotional Wellness Part of Your Self-Care Practice? As a clergy member of NYAC, you can have up to 8 free sessions with mental health counselors per issue, per year, per family member. Call directly at 1-866-881-6800 with any questions. Go here for information about the Employee Assistance Program.

Mental Health: How is Mental Wellness Part of your Self-Care Practice? Leadership coaching can help you remove obstacles and fulfill your ministry goals. ArticleHow a Coach can help Clergy Discover their “A+” in a Pandemicby Doris K Dalton.  Click here to sign up to be matched with a clergy coach.


Personal Time


6:00 pm
Evening devotions

Meditate on the Psalms as You Wind Down for the Evening

Go here to choose your background audio track (ocean, rain, thunderstorm, piano) for relaxing meditation. 

Respond to this prayer prompt: 

O Abiding Love, I hear your call of Love for me.  Yet, I confess that I do not always respond to your call because …  Help me to let go of these burdens as I name them, one by one: ...