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Please consider offering your United Methodist brothers and sisters the opportunity to write Christmas Cards to our incarcerated brothers and sisters. Go to the Prison Ministry page to download the card templates. Print up some cards. Give them out before the service. Collect them at the end.

Send them to Sharon Roth 35B Colonial Dr, New Paltz, NY 12561 by December 1. Thank you. 

    Next Meeting:

                                                            Saturday, December 1  @   10am to 1pm

20 Soundview Avenue, White Plains, NY.

We are asking for volunteers to stay one extra hour to sort and ready Christmas Cards to be sent to prisons.

The CBCS Conference Call in Number is:

   641-715-3580  780843#

For more information contact:

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Vision Statement

We see strong leaders who develop vital congregations that eagerly make new disciples, actively nurture existing disciples, and passionately advocate for the needs and concerns of all people. 

Mission Statement

We strive to share God's love by creating safe places where we are all accepted and welcomed, connecting the needs of people to the presence of God, and transforming the world through Christ. 

Core Values

The values that drive us are deep love for God and unconditional love for all people. We value collaboration and partnerships that demonstrate God's love to a world that divides and alienates. We value relationships that foster accountability, excellence, and an ability to engage in open, honest, and respectful conversations. We value the hope that we have in Christ that, when discovered, brings us a unity of purpose, a joy that enlivens our spirits, and a peace that surpasses all understanding. 

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