Charge Conference Forms

Local Church Preparation for Annual Charge Conferences

Please complete the forms below and return them to the district office prior to your church's charge conference date, so that your district superintendent can review them before the charge conference. Submission of forms via email is preferred. Please contact your district office for specific timelines. 

These forms are separated by the committee that is responsible for completing them. If you have questions, please contact your district office

Note: Click on the form title to access each form. For fillable pdfs - when you click the link below, the pdf may open in a browser window instead of downloading. If that happens, right click on the document and save the pdf to your computer. Fill in the information in, then save the pdf and it will capture your input, making the file emailable.


The Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee completes the following:

The Finance Committee completes the following:

The Trustees complete the following:

The Pastor completes the following:

Please Note: the One-on-One form below is completed by the pastor for their one-on-one meeting with the DS, which is scheduled separately from the charge conference meeting.

If there is a Deacon at your church, they complete the following:

Lay Servants/Speakers/Certified Lay Ministers complete the appropriate form:

The Pastor or Council Chair or Church Administrator completes the following: