Church Budgets

Where do I find local church budget information?


       Essential component of a well-run church

      Allows determination that expenses do not exceed anticipated income

      Provides an excellent yardstick to measure progress in meeting goals

      Presents a snapshot of financial matters to congregation 

       Prepared annually:

      By Finance Committee member with expertise

      Based upon Input from Administrative Council and Committees

      Allowing periodic comparisons with actual data

      Using QuickBooks or other appropriate software

      Compared to prior year budget and estimate of current year actual

      Published in advance and approved at either Charge Conference or at a subsequent Administrative Council meeting

       Should contain all income and expenses including apportionments

       Periodic financial reporting can strengthen Stewardship efforts; some consider lack of reporting to be drag on efforts to promote additional giving


Include detail of significant components:


       Tithes & Offering

       Other contribution income

       Fees from outside users of church space

       Investment return from money market accounts, bonds and stocks

       Miscellaneous income

       Salaries and health and pension benefits

      Pastor and associates

      Program staff - music, education, etc.

      Administrative staff

      Sexton and custodial staff

       Pastor and Associates accountable reimbursements

       Parsonage costs

       World service and administrative apportionments

       Program expenses

       Administrative expenses

       Building expenses

       Payments on loans



       Anticipated capital additions

       Miscellaneous expense


Sample Budget Calendar


       February to September:

      Furnish Administrative Council and Committees with a Budget to Actual Report with explanations of variances

      Project amounts to year-end

      Determine actions needed to bring actual amounts in line with Budget


      Request Committee Chairs to provide input for next year’s Budget

      Obtain from NYAC estimates for next year’s HealthFlex, Pension, Insurance


      Obtain from NYAC website next year’s Apportionment data

      Compile and distribute draft budget to Administrative Council

       December / January:

      Revise as may be necessary and obtain Administrative Council Approval

      Communicate budget to congregation