David W. Mantz



Mailing Address
31 Glenbrook Rd
Kensington, CT 06037

(845) 546-4837

After 15 years serving in the business world as a project manager, senior system consultant and senior system programmer at Aetna Life and Causality, Arthur Anderson & Company and Pfizer respectively, Rev. Mantz felt God’s call on life. During his junket through corporate circles, he did serve and support ministry activity as a lay person. In 1996, he began his life anew as a pastor. 
Rev. Mantz has faithfully served Wiccopee Community UMC, Memorial UMC in Modena, UMC of Port Jefferson and Watertown UMC as the senior pastor. In his words, “Before becoming a pastor, I have generally always worked in the areas of world missions, teaching, young adults and male youths. However, in all areas. I have served in ways which require the coordination of teams of volunteers. My spiritual gifts include leadership, administration, organization, planning, encouragement and helping others discover their gifts.” He celebrates his calling as a husband and father as second only to God. He next celebrates his love and commitment to God’s people, mission and assuring viability to the church of Jesus Christ.


103 Hotchkiss St
Kensington, CT 06037
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