Planned, professional, open and transparent communications enables the New York Annual Conference (NYAC) to create an environment where our internal (church leadership and Conference staff) and external (current and prospective congregants, churches outside of the denomination) audiences are better able to: 

  • Understand how NYAC puts its mission into action on both the organizational level and within our individual churches.
  • Engage with personal and congregational stories of Christian experience, faith, and service; and other means that give expressions of witness for Jesus Christ.
  • Gain buy-in to NYAC’s mission and begin to look forward to engaging in and communicating about mission-focused activities. 
  • Direct Christian “seekers” and “questioners” (desirable “targets” for all denominations) to envisioning a UMC church environment that can meet their needs. 
  • Better understand strategic messaging needed to help NYAC address issues, build credibility, create brand awareness and prevent misfires that can harm the perception of the work that NYAC does. 
  • Embrace the future and increase engagement based on the positive/hopeful messaging offered. 

In the best circumstances, the Conference mission, vision and core values will shine through all of our public-facing activities and encourage all to see the importance of what we do, how we do it and future possibilities. 

*Conference Communicators are tasked to: 

  • Identify, equip and coordinate the work of a communications team (volunteer/staff); 
  • Develop and guide the implementation of strategies for effective communications among Annual Conference agencies, districts and local churches; 
  • Promote and organize activities to enhance the awareness and reputation of the church; 
  • Help guide the strategy to promote the Conference budget and other benevolences; 
  • Provide guidance and training in effective communications to Annual Conference, District and/or local church leaders; 
  • Lead the Conference in developing effective relationships with news media within the Annual Conference; 
  • Guide Conference Leaders in developing and implementing an effective communication strategy under the Connectional Ministry; 
  • Lead the Conference in using new and emerging technologies for ministry; 
  • Provide connectional relationship between the Conference and United Methodist Communications.

    It is recommended that the Director be part of the Extended Cabinet (or equivalent leadership structure) to provide advice and counsel concerning communications strategies related to the Conference program, apportionment and benevolence interpretation, crisis management, and other matters as the Cabinet and director may determine. 

About Our Director Of Communications
Lisa Isom, Director of Communicationsa self-described “storyteller and lover of words,” has more than 15 years of management experience in multi-channel marketing and communications. She has:

  • Developed long-range digital communications and media relations strategies;
  • Directed enterprise internet, intranet and microsite builds;
  • Authored and edited content for digital and print mediums;
  • Managed teams of content producers for a range of communications vehicles;
  • Devised and implemented guidelines for social media marketing; and
  • Managed large-scale digital campaigns.

Have questions communications, marketing and the tools and tactics needed to elevate your engagement to new levels? Call us at 914-997-1570 or email our Director of Communications to see how we can help. 



*The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church 2016: ¶642