Conference Committees At a Glance


Information about Conference Boards, Commissions, Committees & Councils

In order to help our conference members learn about the Conference boards, commissions, committees and councils, we have gathered information for your review. This includes when and where meetings take place; the duties of the group, and what gifts/skills will an effective member of each committee possess. Click on the in front of the committee below. A parenthetical citation next to the committee name shows which paragraph in the Book of Discipline or what Conference Rule number provides information about the committee.

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees below that has an asterisk (those which are voted on at annual conference), please contact Rev. David Henry, chair of the Nominations Committee at Otherwise, contact the chair of the committee (those that are not elected by the conference), click here for the list of current chairs and their contact information.

If you are a chair and the information for your committee is not listed below, please answer the questions in the drop-down and send them to Barbara Eastman, NYAC webmaster at

You're a Committee Chair! Now what?

Accessibility, Committee on (¶653)*

Archives and History, Commission on (¶641)*

Asian Council Awaiting information

Black Methodists for Church Renewal

Camps Governing Board*

Chinese Council Awaiting information

Christian Unity & Interreligious Concerns, Commission on (¶642)* Awaiting information

Church and Society, Board of (¶629)*

Conference Sessions, Commission on (Conf. Rule 17)*

Connectional Ministries Vision Table*

Episcopacy, Committee on (¶637)*

Equitable Compensation, Commission on (¶625)*

Examination of the Conference Journal, Committee on (Conf. Rule 4)

Finance and Administration, Council on (¶¶611-619)*

Frontier Foundation, United Methodist

Higher Education and Campus Ministries, Board of (¶634)*

Hispanic-American Council

Immigration Task Force

Justice for Our Neighbors

Korean Council

Laity, Board of (¶631)*

Lay Servant Ministries, Conference Committee on (¶631.6)*

Long-Range Planning Commission* Awaiting information

Mission u Team

Mission and Outreach*

Native American Ministry, Committee on (¶654)

Nominations, Committee on (Conf. Rule 58)*

Older Adult Ministries, Commission on (¶651)*

Ordained Ministry, Board of (¶635) Awaiting information

Parish Development, Committee on (¶633.5)*

Pensions and Health Benefits, Board of (¶639)*

Personnel, Committee on (¶805.4b & ¶807.12b)*

Religion and Race, Commission on (¶643)*

Retired Clergy & Spouses Fellowship

Rules Committee (Conf. Rule 19)*

Status and Role of Women, Commission on the (¶644)*

Trustees, Board of (¶640, 2512)*

United Methodist Men (¶648)

United Methodist Women (¶647) Awaiting information

Young Clergy Debt Assistance Program

Youth Ministries, Conference Council on (¶649)* Awaiting information