Conference Relationships

Welcome to our Conference Relations Page

As you prayerfully discern a potential change in your relationship to the Annual Conference, this page will serve as a resource hub.  We recommend using the documents linked below while you research the conditions and timelines for voluntary status changes, and discussing your status change with your district superintendent before submitting your request to our Conference Relations Committee.  

Each type of voluntary status change has important differences, and we are here to assist you as you determine which option fits your vocational needs.

Beginning in 2021, our Conference Relations Committee (CRC) and Board of Ordained Ministry will require that all requests for voluntary status changes are submitted using this standard Form 106, and that all supporting documentation listed on pages 3 and 4 of that Form is submitted together before any request can be considered. Form 106 also contains references to the Book of Discipline paragraphs associated with each status change, and we earnestly encourage you to acquaint yourself fully with any voluntary status change before it is requested.  We will not be able to respond to incomplete requests, and notification of an intended status change will not initiate a decision process by the conference until an application is submitted in full.  If applying for retirement, please use form 106 as well.

If you applying to return from any voluntary leave status, or are currently on leave of absence and would like to continue, please click here to download, complete and submit Form 108 to the five recipients.

We also recommend this helpful resource, which lists eligibility, timelines, and connectional bodies needed to complete your status change.

We are here to answer your questions.  When you are prepared to submit your application, please submit the application and all supporting materials together by email, to your District Superintendent, and the following:

Craig Fitzsimmons, Conference Relations Chair:

Samuel Arhin, BOOM Chair:

Robert Milsom: BOOM Vice-Chair:

Margaret Howe, Conference Secretary:

Gail Douglas-Boykin, Coordinator of Ministerial Services:

Robert Knebel, Extension Ministries Registrar:

Jessica Anschutz, Retirement Registrar: