Congregational Development and Revitalization

Dear Colleagues in Ministry,

In her 1985 Oscar winning acceptance speech for “Places in the Heart”, Sally Fields exclaimed “You like me…you really like me!” That is how I have felt and am feeling in my service as your Director of Congregational Development & Revitalization. I want to help every church dance who wants to “dance”; however, what I am finding is that there are many more of you than the one of me. In an effort to remain true to my calling and service, it is necessary to begin prioritizing where and when I visit our faith communities in the conference. Click here for a revised “Request for Consultation” form that needs to be filled out by the church; signed by the lay leader and pastor; and, endorsed by the D.S. that will aid me greatly in discerning where and when I am needed most. Effective January 1, 2018 this form will be required in order for me to visit. God bless ALL OF YOU…Shalom!


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Documents from the 2016 Tri-District Retreats

Rev. David Gilmore, NYAC Director of Congregational Development and Revitalization has shared this PowerPoint presentation from the 2016 Tri-District Retreats. David can be reached at or 914-615-2219.