Connecting to God: February 8, 2021


Connecting to God
Scriptural Focus — Matthew 11:28-30 

For Today’s Meditation: How are Your Spiritual Disciplines Helping You Connect to God?  

Recorded Opening Worship with Bishop Bickerton, Preacher.   

Service designed by Jorge Lockward and Doris K Dalton. Collaborators: Lydia Muñoz, Dong Hyun Choi, Wendy Paige, Jeff Wells, Dorlimar Lebrón-Malavé, Katie Reimer, Mendis Brown, Emily Kitchens, Sam Winfrey, Althea Spencer-Miller, Paul Pillitteri, Tyrone Robinson, Jurgen Kruse, Benjamin Hudson, Will Rand and Matt Curry.

Worship on your own by watching on this webpage or
 watch on Zoom with Doris K. Dalton. 




Explore your Spiritual Disciplines
Here are Some Resources to Guide You

On your own, watch the video of the Cabinet’s Reflections below. Hear the Cabinet’s responses to the question, “What are the spiritual disciplines you have leaned into during this time?” 

After watching these reflections, consider the spiritual disciplines you use that have helped you during this time. How are these spiritual disciplines nourishing your soul?  What are other spiritual disciplines you can use?

Prayer and Scriptural Text: How Does Focusing on the Scriptures Enhance Your Time in Meditation and Prayer? 

Sight Psalms is a daily, online, photo inspiration intended to help people reflect on God’s presence in the world and in their lives through the use of images. Each day, a new photograph is posted to evoke reflection and inspiration within themes connected to the Christian year, and it is usually accompanied by a few words. 

YouVersion Rest: a new way to meditate on Scripture. Find peace in the words of God while listening to a calming voice read the Bible to you. These videos include a female or a male voice, along with four soothing background sounds: rain, thunderstorm, ocean and soft piano. Each video contains readings of 16 uplifting chapters from Psalms. 

Prayer and the Journey of a Labyrinth: How does the Movement of a Labyrinth Enhance Your Time in Meditation and Prayer? 

Upper Room Article: How to pray with a Finger Labyrinth 

Chartres Labyrinth for download 

Prayer and Art: How does Art Enhance your Time in Meditation and Prayer?  

Article: How to use Coloring in your Prayer Time 
Click here to find Mandalas 

Free Worship Coloring Page for download, Song of Solomon 6:3 

Prayer and Nature: How does Spending Time in God’s Creation Enhance Your Time in Meditation and Prayer? 

Article (brochure format): Praying with Nature  


12:00 – 5:00 pm
Personal Time  


6:00 pm
Evening Devotions 

Meditate on Matthew 11:28-30. Watch  "Come Unto Me" - Esther Mui (Scripture Worship with Lyrics) 

After watching this video, respond to this prayer prompt: “O Love that never ceases, I surrender to your call to rest when I … “