Connectional Ministries

New York Annual Conference Connectional Ministries connects local, district, annual conference, and general church ministries and is *tasked with serving as: 

  • Steward of the New York Annual Conference Vision, including its development, clarification, interpretation and embodiment;
  • Leader of the continuous process of transformation and renewal; 
  • Keeper of alignment of the total resources of the conference to its vision; 
  • Facilitator of connections among the local, district, annual conference, and general church ministries;
  • Coordinator for the recruitment and training of conference program leaders; and
  • Leader of the New York Annual Conference’s programs and ministries.

Connectional Ministries is your partner in training and resourcing for making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

The ministries below offer local UMC churches, clusters, districts and local Church ministries guidance and support: 

Have questions? Please give us a call at 914-997-1570 to see how we can help. 


2016 Discipline ¶608