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Where can I find information about Cooperative Parishes?

The 2016 Book of Discipline, paragraph 206 gives information about the theology, purpose and structures of Cooperative Parishes. You can also find more information about Cooperative Parishes here on the New York Annual Conference website, just follow the CP link at the top the site, in the carousel.

What is the name of my Cooperative Parish and which churches are in my Cooperative Parish? 
There is a listing of Cooperative Parishes is on the New York Annual Conference website organized by District. 

Who is the Parish Coordinator for my Cooperative Parish? 
There is an appointment listing of Cooperative Parish Coordinators is on the New York Annual Conference website, organized by District. 

How many local churches and pastors will be in the Cooperative Parish? Is there an anticipated distance
radius of the churches in the Cooperative Parish? 

The number of local churches and pastors, and the distance between churches in a Cooperative Parish will vary according to region, geography, population demographics, cultural distinctives, and the location and vitality of our congregations.

My church has a lot of questions about the Cooperative Parish and what this will mean for us. Who can answer our questions? 

Speak to your pastor and/or your Cooperative Parish Coordinator to address your questions about your church and the Cooperative Parish. You can also contact your District Lay Leader or your District Superintendent to help your church understand the Cooperative Parish process.

If my pastor is also serving the Cooperative Parish, how will they be able to serve my church?
We cannot expect pastors and churches to serve their communities in the ways they have always done it; everyone is being asked to lead and serve differently. All pastors are encouraged to be adaptive in their leadership as they serve in their appointments. All laity are encouraged to be adaptive as they discover new ways to serve alongside their pastor for the sake of the church’s mission and ministry to their community. We are preparing to elect our lay representatives to the Parish Council.

Who would make an ideal lay member of the Parish Council? 
An ideal lay member is a person who is a leader, good communicator, has a vision of the Cooperative Parish and the difference it can bring for the local church, brings gifts and skills that are needed on the Parish Council, and offers creativity and out-of-the box thinking to the Parish Council.

What are the next steps? What is the timeline for Cooperative Parishes? 
The next steps are to begin sharing information about Cooperative Parishes within your congregation throughout the summer. All Cooperative Parishes shall have their Parish Councils formed by September 1, 2022. This means that all members of the Parish Council have been identified, debriefed and ready to begin working together. Then, Cooperative Parish Coordinators and Parish Councils will begin the work of praying, mutual sharing of gifts and exploration to discover the mission and ministry opportunities within the Cooperative Parish.

What is success and failure in the Cooperative Parish? 
Success is engaging in the Cooperative Parish process, consistently communicating about the Cooperative Parish process and its possibilities, and working with all leaders in the Parish to discover and implement the mission and ministry opportunities in the Cooperative Parish. Failure is disengaging from the Cooperative Parish and all forms of cooperative and collaborative ministry.