Cooperative Parish Resources

 Please check this page often for updates, resources, and other information needed to help grow your understanding what's expected and how to best proceed with our new Cooperative Parish model of ministry.  

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New York - Connecticut District 


NYAC Cooperative Parishes: One Body, One Spirit, One Hope (Narrative)
Learn why Cooperative Parishes are a new model of ministry for your church, your community and the New York Annual Conference.

NYAC Cooperative Parishes: How to Set Up for Success (The Vision Magazine: Fall 2021/Winter 2022)
Survey after survey reveals a truth that we all know intuitively: Churches of all denominations are struggling to recover post Pandemic. The challenges are numerous and often daunting. Learn how Cooperative Parishes empower churches to quickly facilitate collaboration and collective support. 

Cooperative Parish FAQs
Read answers to some of the frequently asked questions received about Cooperative Parishes.

Cooperative Parish Roles and Responsibilities
Learn about the different roles and responsibilities in the Cooperative Parish.

Responsibilities of Lay Members on Cooperative Parish Councils
Understand the responsibilities of the Lay Member to Parish Council.

NYAC Cooperative Parishes: One Body, One Spirit, One Hope (Bulletin Insert)
Use this bulletin insert to share about Cooperative Parishes with the congregation.

NYAC Cooperative Parishes: Restoring and Resetting for the Journey…
Use this PowerPoint Presentation to share how Cooperative Parishes are a process of resetting and aligning churches for mission and ministry.