Conference Secretary of Global Ministries

A Message from Jill Wilson 

Jill WilsonMissionaries in the field are the Lord’s feet on the ground in places we are not.

Our New York Annual Conference has supported and continues to support many missionaries around the world. We as individuals and as congregations have the wonderful opportunity to share their experience by forming a Covenant Relationship. I have long supported mission work and even participated as one for two years.

As a young adult, before starting a family of my own, I signed up as a US-2. I wanted to serve as a Christian somewhere in the United States. So I enrolled in the program and  served at the Houchen Community Center in El Paso, TX for one year and then at Red Bird Mission in Beverly, KY, for the second year. I know what it means to have the support of churches ‘back home. Communicating with them, and accepting their donations for specific items helped sustain and support me and my efforts and made me feel connected.

This early service formed a solid base for me, and after several other more recent mission opportunities, the Lord, through Rev. Joseph Ewoodzie, opened a door that I might continue the connection.

It is my hope to serve as a conduit between congregations and missionaries. I call myself a Covenant Relationship volunteer. Getting to know the missionaries and connecting them to congregations is my primary task. I will work with local churches inviting and helping them to form Covenant Relationships with a Missionary.

Getting to know the Missionary is the other major part of this process. I plan to communicate with them regularly and learn of their work. I will be sharing their story and directly connecting them with the local congregations who have formed a Covenant. In July, we succeeded in ‘Skyping’ a missionary directly into a worship service – LIVE!

One of the earliest bible verses I learned was: “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 7:12. I believe a missionary epitomizes this verse. We as individuals and congregations can live by this verse also.

Thirteen missionaries are currently supported by our conference! If your church is not in a Covenant Relationship, please consider contacting me to get started. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 

Jill Wilson
860-690-1853 (mobile)