Current Disaster Response

The role of disaster response recovery teams is to provide permanent repair/rebuild within disaster affected communities. While our teams are open to all volunteers and we encourage a wholistic approach to recovery, long-term recovery often requires specialized skills.

Update: Puerto Rico Response 

In August 2018 UMCOR and Volunteers in Mission relocated the Puerto Rico Response Volunteer Mainland office to the New York Conference Missions office. All information, team scheduling, and volunteer inquiries may be made by contacting Tymera Jackson ( (914-615-2248) at the Conference office. 

To date, 9 NYAC volunteer teams have served as part of the Puerto Rico recovery effort.


Upcoming NYAC Recovery Teams 

January 30 to February 4 (Team full)

        CT District Team - Team Leaders: Jill Wilson and Steve Kolitz


April 4 to April 11

        Team Leader: Craig Fitzsimmons         

         Contact NYAC Missions office ( for information and      



June 22 to 29: CT District Team

        Team Leader: Rev Alpher Sylvester

        Contact information: Jill Wilson ( 


Cost: $650 - includes airfare, room and board, all project-related expenses. 



Hurricane Response - Michael, Maria, Irma, Harvey

The NYAC has deployed 4 recovery teams to assist in hurricane relief efforts: Texas (2); Florida (1);  North Carolina (1). 


Two additional teams are scheduled for Central Florida as part of the Irma Recovery effort:

        March 16 to 23 

           Location: Sebring, Florida

           Team Leaders:

                 Team 1: Terry Temple (filled)

                 Team 2: Jud Ramaker (spots still available)  


Cost: $500, includes airfare and all team-project expenses        

Contact the NYAC Missions office for more information and an application.  


Team Leaders Needed
One key to an effective disaster response effort is quality and experienced leadership. There is a great deal of organization and responsibility that goes into leading and coordinating both a disaster response and mission team. We will continue to try to provide opportunities for Leadership Training. We will also be willing to assist qualified and experienced Team Leaders with finances if needed. The NYAC has had a long and strong history of responding to both emergency and long-term needs both domestically and internationally. It is our hope and intent to continue that support. For more information contact Tom Vencuss at the NYAC Missions office (