Church Dashboard Instructions

Online Charge Conference Leadership Report / Dashboard

Churches use this online tool to report church leadership to their charge conference. The Church Dashboard also allows the church to make changes to the information that appears in the Church Locator on the conference web site, and it helps the conference maintain accurate and up-to-date leadership data. 

To log in

The log-in screen for the dashboard is located here:

Use your church GCFA number without the first zero as BOTH your username and password.

If you don’t know your GCFA number, it can be found in the statistical section of the Journal (column 1):

When you are finished adding/editing your contacts and their leadership positions, click Leaders in the left navigation. The bottom of this page  shows you any required leadership positions that you may have missed. If you are completely finished, please click the big blue button that says "Let my conference/district know I’m done!"



The Rest of the Process

Now that you are logged in, we think you'll find the rest of the process quite simple. We have created a manual for your use in updating your leadership information and the information on your church page on Click here to download the manual.

Required Fields

There are required fields for each person added to a leadership role, and required leadership roles. Please see the list below, and be sure that you have all of the information needed when you sit down to fill out this form.

Required fields for each person

First Name
Last Name
Mailing address, city, state, zip
One phone number
Email address

Required leadership positions

Lay Member of Conference
Church Admin/Council Chair
Finance Chair
Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Chair
Board of Trustees Chair

Information for Multi-Church Charges

Although this form is entitled "Charge Conference Summary," each church in the charge needs to supply the information in the dashboard for that church. If a position is filled only on the charge level (Lay Member to Conference, for example), please be sure to select that person only in the leadership report for the church where they attend. 

What will the Conference do with this information?

  • Lay members will receive the Call to Conference each year, along with email communications regarding annual conference.
  • Treasurers and finance chairs will receive important information from our conference CFO or others in the department.
  • Chairs/leaders of certain committees will receive targeted email messages applicable to their position.
  • Folks within the conference and districts will be able to reach out to your leaders in appropriate, position-specific ways.
  • Email addresses will only be shared with conference staff, committees and for use as described above.