Environmental Justice

Take Action for the Environment!

Environment - The New York Annual Conference Finance & Administration and Parish Development have reduced their carbon investment footprint by half. Follow this link to read the October report showing various entities' statuses on Fossil Fuel Divestment. The table shows their percentages in April 2018 and October 2018. There is also a story on Westpath on page 11 of the November Vision.

Spiritual Study Guides - For a great adult Sunday School Bible study any time of year, we recommend To Serve and Guard the Earth, a downloadable study.  The books are available for children/youth/adult in English/Korean/Spanish.

The UMW publishes some useful resources for adults, youth and children:
Climate Justice:  A Call to Hope and Action is for adults.
God's Extravagant Garden is for children ages 5-12.
Joining Voices for Climate Justice is a youth study.
All are available here.

Environmental Justice - Are you looking for a way to assess your church’s commitment to Environmental Justice?  You can use this Church Report Card as a means of renewing creation stewardship in your congregation. Questions and comments are welcome at churchandsociety@nyac-UMC.com

For more information, contact Paul Fleck:Paul.Fleck@nyac-umc.com

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