Thursday, June 7, 2018 to Sunday, June 10, 2018
Reports, Petitions and Resolutions for Annual Conference Due April 26
Greetings to the New York Annual Conference Community:
You are receiving this memo to remind you of the requirements for submitting reports, resolutions and petitions to be considered by annual conference.
Please refer to the “Rules” Section X of the Conference Journal – Rules 27 & 28 address the submission requirements. You can view the rules in the Journal here: https://www.nyac.com/files/journal/nyac-2016-journal-section-10.pdf
All reports, resolutions and petitions to be considered by the annual conference shall be in the hands of the conference secretary six weeks before the beginning date of the annual conference in order to be included in the Conference Program Booklet.”
“All resolutions or petitions for conference consideration shall be signed by at least five members of the conference, with the exception of petitions from local churches, which shall have been adopted by majority vote of the respective church’s Church Council (or equivalent structure) or Charge Conference.”
For 2018 reports, petitions and resolutions are due no later than Thursday, April 26th! Please make every effort to meet this due date.
Prepare your report as an editable Word document – yes WORD document (not more than 700 words), using this heading as a guide:
Name of Report, Resolution or Petition
Name of Person Preparing Document
101. (Number paragraphs beginning with 101 for reports.)
Late reports received between April 27 and May 31 must meet all requirements stated in Rule 27.
Note that “Reports, resolutions and petitions failing to adhere to the five-day deadline shall not be considered by the annual conference.”
If you are new at this, you can look at Section VI of the 2016 Journal for some guidance (https://www.nyac.com/files/journal/nyac-2016-journal-section-6.pdf) or email me at confsecy@nyac.com.
With gratitude and thanks,

Margaret Howe
Conference Secretary