Thursday, June 7, 2018 to Sunday, June 10, 2018
Workshop Presentations Shared with You
Three of our workshop presenters shared their PowerPoint documents with you:

Moving from Activities to Outcomes in the Local Church
Presenter: Rev. Naomi Annandale, Director of Research and Strategic Evaluation, Discipleship Ministries, The United Methodist Church
Offers practical guidance for leaders of local churches to identify clearly stated and compelling outcomes that can transform their ministry and direct their valuable human and financial resources. If your congregation finds itself in a cycle of repeating activities with diminishing results, this workshop will encourage you to "push pause" on doing the same things the same way so that you can re-focus on measurable outcomes.
PowerPoint version  (very large file - may take some time to download)     pdf version

Developing Mission, Vision and Core Values for the Local Church
Presenter: Rev. Betsey Heavner, Retired Member of the NW Texas Conference.
Will give practical tools for discerning God’s will for your congregation so that you can align your ministry resources to reach your goals. Our Annual Conference has just gone through a long, intentional process that led to the development of Mission, Vision and Core Values for the Conference, and this workshop  offers a process by which your church can develop its own. 
PowerPoint version      pdf version

Equipping Communities for Mission
Presenter: Rev. Tom Vencuss, Coordinator of Mission Ministry, NY Conference
Engagement in meaningful mission is a key to congregational vitality and personal spiritual growth. This workshop will consider ways to engage and equip communities in mission ministries on local and global levels, and through disaster response.
PowerPoint version      pdf version