Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Not registered? Want to attend?
To members of annual conference who have not registered:
You will have the ability to be appropriately credentialed onsite at Purchase College.

Lay members: Please check this list NYAC-Church-Lay-Members-2019.pdf (created 3/5/2019). If you are not on the list, please verify that you are the Elected Lay Member from your church.  If the answer is yes, your pastor must update the online Charge Conference Leadership Report showing that you were elected. If you do not appear as the Elected Local Church Lay Member in the dashboard Leadership Report, you will not be credentialed. However, you are welcome to attend the session as a guest.

Guests: We have space for a limited number of additional guests. You will receive a small nametag, and be able to sit with other guests on one of the tier levels above the floor.
Meals (unregistered clergy, lay members and guests):
We may have sandwiches/salads available for sale (ordered by those who don’t show up), but will not know how many or which until the day of conference. If you did not register in advance, we recommend that you bring a sandwich, leave it in your car and retrieve it at lunchtime (no food/beverages allowed in the Concert Hall), or use this link to learn about places to eat on campus: