Visioning NYAC Mission 2020 (LC)
Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

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20 Soundview Ave.
White Plains, NY 10606

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Tom Vencuss

  All persons currently engaged in NYAC global mission initiatives, local churches with global mission projects, or those interested in knowing more about global mission opportunities are invited to a day of “Visioning NYAC Mission for 2020.”  The format will be discussion rather than presentation-based, and the goal is to envision a strategic plan for the New York Conference global missions ministry.
The agenda will be:

  • Opening group discussion – What does effective “mission” look like? What does development look like? What is a true mission partnership?
  • NYAC Global Ministries 2020: current state of NYAC global missions
  • NYAC Global Ministries 2020: what are the possibilities and challenges? Break-out into mission-specific groups to discuss plans and ideas.   
  • Group discussion: How do we make those possibilities a reality – mission journeys, communication, funding, etc..
  • Setting the agenda for Global Missions 2020

Small group break-outs will include:

  • NYAC – Mozambique Partnership
  • Mountains of Hope for Haiti
  • Caribbean Mission Partnership including Bahamas
  • Ecuador
  • Youth: Youth Ambassadors – UMARMY – ASP
  • Puerto Rico – “Church to Church” connection: Maunabo
  • Nicaragua
  • Others as identified
  • Some may be combined depending upon size

Date: October 26
Location: Conference Center
Time: 10 AM to 3 PM
Lunch and “other” will be provided