NYAC Global Ministries

What thoughts or words come to mind when you hear the word “mission”? What do you think of when you hear, “mission ministries?”

For many, while growing up, mission” was something that was done in another country; it was done by a couple who arrived one Sunday every few years and showed us photos of their projects and the people they lived with; and our response was to make a financial pledge to their continued work.

Over the years, the church’s understanding, theology, and practice of mission has changed.

At the core of this is the understanding that when we talk about “mission” it is not our mission or the church’s mission – but God’s mission. Jeremy Bassett, in A Missionary Journey – a Handbook for Volunteers writes, “God’s mission has been at the heart of the church of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is not so much that the church has a mission, but that God’s mission has a church.” This mission leads us to “an ever-increasing involvement in the pain and brokenness of the world.” Through the church God seeks to restore humanity to God’s original plan. 

The New York Conference has had a long and vibrant history of mission work, sending short-term volunteer mission teams around the world to share the gospel, by presence, action, and word.

It is our hope to maintain the integrity and vitality of those efforts, to build upon them, to bring more groups into the mission dialogue, and to offer more opportunities for local, national and international involvement and outreach. 

Bassett writes, “The purpose of devoting our lives to following Christ is not to sit around waiting for the return of Jesus. Rather, our faith is defined by our active, intentional, and Christlike participation in the work of God’s mission. We must share our faith. We are meant to be devoted to following Christ in the world.”

You are invited to be a part of that mission journey.