HealthFlex is a mandatory health insurance plan for all clergy who serve in three-quarter or full time positions. Since our health benefits plan covers all fulltime and three-quarter time clergy, our connectional responsibility requires that every church served by a full-time or three-quarter time pastor pay the uniform rate. The uniform rate is NOT an insurance premium for the individual currently serving as the church’s pastor. It is each church’s equal share of the total Annual Conference premium that provides health benefits for active clergy, conference staff and their families throughout our diverse conference.

The uniform rate in 2014 is $15,264 annually; the percentage charged to the church is 92% and to clergy is 8%.

The Conference has chosen the HealthFlex PPO Plan option for our clergy and their families.

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WebMD sponsored by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits is your secure, confidential portal to the conference-sponsored insurance benefits and wellness programs. New users can register at the site. First visit and then click on the HealthFlex WebMD account login (on the left side of your screen).

Registering and entering the WebMD site gives you access to all of our HealthFlex vendors, our benefit plans and programs, important information about wellness incentives, as well as recommendations about nutrition, healthy aging, vital screenings, etc. You can also enroll in Virgin HealthMiles and earn Wellness Points and HealthCash and complete your Health Quotient (HQ) to qualify for lower annual deductibles.