How to Use the Learning Center/Resource Library

How does The Learning Center/Resource Library “work”?

The Learning Center located in the NYAC Conference Center at 20 Soundview Ave., White Plains, NY is home to the NYAC Resource Library and a place to hold meetings, workshops or a day apart.  

Interested in visiting the Learning Center? Please call ahead (888-696-6922, 228) to be sure the room is not occupied by another group. If your group is interested in having a day apart or workshop, the date must be reserved in advance. To reserve this space, please contact Carol Merante or 914- 615-2227.

Local churches in the New York Annual Conference may borrow most materials the Resource Library. The catalog is now listed online at . For inquiries about a resource, speak with Lynda Gomi at 888-696-6922 ext. 228 in the Office of Connectional Ministries. A quick search through the database can easily locate an item of interest and if we don’t own a particular resource, and if it fits into both the budget and the mission of the annual conference, we will make every effort to purchase it.

Resources ordered online are mailed to the church in a mailing pouch which is then used to return resources to the Resource Library.

Resources may also be checked out in the Learning Center. Don't forget to use the SIGN OUT book near the door. Include your name, contact information and the name of the resource being borrowed.

It is understood that materials will be returned to The Resource Library in good condition and in a reasonable time period. If a resource is damaged or lost, the borrower is responsible for replacing the item.

We are available to provide this service at no cost to our churches because of the faithfulness of our churches in paying their annual “shared ministry dollars” (a.k.a. apportionments)!

The Learning Center 1-888-696-6922, ext. 228 or 1-914-615-2228