IGNITE Conference 2023

Come to IGNITE 2023, where you Belong!

So, in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.   Romans 12:5

We are all called into God’s Kingdom – into God’s family. We were each crafted unique with our own personalities, skills, and gifts. We are empowered to live with purpose. We are reminded of our individuality, while also being called into something bigger than ourselves. 

We worship a limitless God! And when God’s children from all nations, all races and all tongues come together, we find hope, meaning, calling, and a family. 

The IGNITE Conference is a powerful, worship-filled, Spirit-led weekend for middle and high school students from across the Northeast.

The purpose is for young people to come together to:  

Connect with God and each other through sessions, workshops and games.  

Grow in their faith through worship, talks and small groups.  

Lead by developing their leadership skills through practical training and experience.  

Together with powerful speakers and world class worship teams, we will learn about God’s Kingdom and our Kin-dom – what it means to have a place in this world. We’re going to lift Jesus in worship. We’re going to be inspired to grow in faith and community. We’re going to have fun! What’s missing in this picture is you. 

In the attached registration guide, you will find all the necessary information to help you and your group get your tickets and arrive at the IGNITE Conference this year. We’re excited for you to join us. We’ll see you at IGNITE 2023. 

Students who attend IGNITE experience high-energy worship, inspirational messages from nationally known speakers, engaging workshops led by dynamic professionals, hands-on mission with vital mission partners, and of course, the life-changing power of community that comes from the Kingdom of God joining together.  

“IGNITE is one of the events that I most looked forward to each year as a youth student,” said Hailey, a former attendee and now a member of the young adult IGNITE Squad. “The friendships, passion for community and moments of connection between peers and with God make this event a moment of light, filled with anticipation before and continual reflection after!” 

We are deeply aware of the effect that the pandemic and now post-pandemic world has had on young people in our youth groups, churches, and communities. Young people desperately need interaction, connection, community and most of all, deep encounters with Jesus. 

The lives of our young people significantly benefit from the powerful experience of attending the IGNITE Conference: the worship, the messages, the workshops, the missional initiatives, the small groups, the prayer... and most importantly, the community that can only come through the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit.    

IGNITE is a great opportunity to start, rebuild and grow youth ministry programs! Gather a group of students, head down to Wildwood to experience the Holy Spirit at work in the young people of your church.  

Explore the details below and register your youth to attend IGNITE 2023 today! 


September 29 - October 1, 2023


Wildwoods Convention Center 
4501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260 


Please follow this page a link to our NYAC housing information for those who choose to dorm with us at South Seaville Camp Meeting center - about a half hour away by car.  



July 1 – July 31 | Early-Bird Pricing
1-9 Registrants $65
10-29 Registrants $60
30 or more Registrants $55

August 1 – September 15| Regular Pricing
1-9 Registrants $70
10-29 Registrants $65
30 or more Registrants $60

September 15 – September 28 | Late Pricing
1-9 Registrants $75
10-29 Registrants $70
30 or more Registrants $65


IGNITE NYAC Specific Registration Questions: 

Rev. David Czeisel


IGNITE Registration Questions: 

General Questions: 
Mecan Payne, Program Specialist of Next Generation Ministries