Jesse Lee 230th Celebration

Jesse Lee has been called the Apostle of Methodism for opening New England to the teachings of John Wesley. Many churches in New England trace their roots to Lee and two churches in Connecticut are named for him.

At the New York Annual Conference on June 6-9, 2019, the Commission on Archives and History celebrated the 230th anniversary of Jesse Lee's first sermon in New England, preached at Norwalk, CT on June 17th, 1789.

The CAH produced a video and a brochure commemorating this anniversary. You can view the video below, or download it on Vimeo (you will find the download link below the video). A link to the PDF of the brochure is at the bottom of this page. 

Jesse Lee: Apostle of Methodism:

8.5 x 14 foldable brochure

(print on legal size paper, double-sided, with the settings "Fit" and "Flip on short side" - then fold into thirds)