Lay Speaker Logo How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.  --Isaiah 52:7

Catskill Hudson District
Lay Speakers
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Summer Lay Speaking Classes: 


Local Church Lay Speakers serve in and through their local church.  To be recognized as a local church layspeaker, you must be recommended by your pastor and Church Council or Charge Conference, and complete the Lay Speaking Ministries Basic Course.  Each year you must reapply, reporting how you have served and continued to learn during the year.

Local Church Lay Speakers

Cluster Home Church Name
Northeast Cairo Thelma "Cathy" Jeune
  Cairo Marilyn Telga
  Catskill Carol June
  Chatham Ruth Hill
  Copake Blake Becker
  Copake Sophia Becker
  Copake Elizabeth McNulty
  Craryville Peggy Dysard
  Reservoir Carol Merante
  Reservoir Marilyn Wakefield
  Saugerties Karin Squires
  Shady Elizabeth Eighmey
  Shady Sandra Wilson
  Woodstock (Overlook) John Whipple
Northwest Andes Michael Terry
  Ashland Patricia Ferris
  Ashland Nellis Newcomb
  Conesville Carolyn Wyckoff
  Gilboa Beverly Harris
  Gilboa John Standhart
  Grand Gorge Amy Royal
  Harpersfield Paul Meador
  Harpersfield ConnieJo VanVallenburgh
  Hobart Robert Schoen
  Hobart Georgianna Wetmore
  Jefferson-Mt Valley Carol St. John
  Phoenecia Babette Kiesel
  Shandaken Diana Munch
  Stamford Pauline Dugan
  Upper Catskill Parish-Andes Sibylla Barrett
  Upper Catskill Parish-Andes Claudia Bell
  Upper Catskill Parish-Andes Tom Coddington
  Upper Catskill Parish-Andes Lori Koronowski
  Upper Catskill Parish-Hallcott Roger Kraus
  Upper Catskill Parish-Margaretville Christopher Criswell
  Upper Catskill Parish-Margaretville Sharon Gavette
  Upper Catskill Parish-Margaretville Donald Hill
  Upper Catskill Parish-Margaretville Karen Straut
  Walton Lyle Robertson
Southeast Kingston: St. James Robert Benincasa
  Kingston: St. James Debbi Herdman
  Kingston: St. James Robin Worden
  Maybrook Deborah Judisky
  Milton-Marlboro John Gallaway
  Milton-Marlboro Susan Horton
  Milton-Marlboro David Schreiber
  Modena Lawrence Keeno
  Town of Esopus Peter Leone
  Town of Esopus Lisa Milhaven
  Ulster Heights Francis J. Exner
Southwest Hurleyville Anthony Domingo, Jr.
  Liberty Lorraine Niemann
  Mongaup Valley Vicky Simpson
  Monticello Janet Veale
  North Branch Jay Brooks
  Rock Hill Nancy McDonald
  Rock Hill Robin Meddaugh
  Rockland Area Parish-Beaverkill Mary Hall
  Rockland Area Parish-Livingston Manor Frederick Reule
  Roscoe Nancy Kirchner
  White Sulphur Springs James Buck
  White Sulphur Springs Paula Clark
  White Sulphur Springs Betty Knack
  White Sulphur Springs Joseph LeConey
    Peggy Morache

Certified Lay Speakers serve in their own churches, in other churches, and through district or conference projects and programs.  This offers them the opportunity to expand their outreach and to enrich their ministry through the various advanced courses.  To be recognized as a Certified Lay Speaker, you must be recommended by your pastor and Church Council or Charge Conference, complete the Lay Speaking Ministries Basic Course and one Lay Speaking Advanced Course (to preach or lead worship outside your local church you must take either the Lay Speakers Lead Worship or Lay Speakers Preach Courses).  You must report and reapply annually, and you must complete at least one Advanced Course every three years.  Courses may also be approved by your Conference or District Lay Speaking Ministries Committee.  In some cases an alternate course may be approved as an Advanced Course, as long as it is at least 10 hours long, includes outside assignments/expectations, and is within an area covered by Lay Speaking Ministiries.  Examples of alternate courses are mission schools, seminars and retreats.

Certified Lay Speakers

Cluster Home Church Name
 Northeast  Athens Federated  Peggy Phillips
   Catskill  Jeffrey Barrett, Sr.
   Catskill  Cindy Davis
   Catskill  Gale Mosher
   Germantown  Judi Bathrick
   Hillsdale  Janetta McCauley
   North Hillsdale  Russell Weaver
   Palenville, Simpson Memorial  James Jaycox
   Palenville, Simpson Memorial  John W. LeCain
   Philmont  Sherri Cronin
   Reservoir  Lee Stowe
   Saugerties  Eileen Davis
   Saugerties  Allen McDowell
   Saugerties  Karen Reynolds
   Saugerties  Joan Robinson
   Saugerties  Gerald Rosenberger
   Shady  Louise Lockwood
 Northwest  Ashland  Lula Anderson
   East Jewett  M. Lynne Taylor
   Grand Gorge  Marion Robinson
   Hobart  Dottie Wetmore
   Lanesville  Lois Higgins
   Mt Valley Parish - Jefferson  Russell Bedford
   Mt Valley Parish-Blenheim/Brimstone  Donald Palmer
   Phoenicia  Eugene Knoth
   So. Delaware Charge-Downsville  Antoinette Vessey
   Stamford  Fran Reed
   Town of Esopus  Susan Dolce
   Upper Catskill Parish-Halcott  Ruth Kelder
   Upper Catskill-Fleischmanns  Sydney D. Smith, Jr.
   Upper Catskill-Margaretville  Myrtle "Pearl" Wilson
 Southeast  Bullville  Stephen Ecker
   Kingston: Clinton Avenue  Eileen Carla Bridges
   Lloyd  David Lyons
   Middletown, St. Paul's  Leonard E. Hulseapple
   Middletown, St. Paul's  Jaewon Kim
   Middletown, St. Paul's  Milagros Rivera-Velez
   Napanoch, St. Mark's  Jeanne Christiana
   New Paltz  Gail Erdie
   New Paltz  Margaret Howe
   Rondout Valley-Stone Ridge  Arnold Jones, Jr.
   Rondout Valley-Stone Ridge  Lamont Taylor
   Ulster Heights Napanoch  Frank P. Exner
 Southwest  Callicoon  Joan Johnson
   Drew UMC  Eleanor Gobel
   Jeffersonville  Virginia Bossley
   Liberty  Paul Minton
   Liberty  Valerie Minton
   Liberty  Henrietta Phelps
   Liberty  Kitty Riegler
   Liberty  Stephanie Watson
   Monticello  Jeremy Mills
   Monticello  Joan Marie Rohrs
   Rock Hill  Charles Davis
   Rock Hill  Mark Meddaugh
   Roscoe  Lucille Freyer