Leadership Development and Intercultural Competency

In order to lead our congregations and be successful in our ministry settings, clergy and laity are expected to be specialists and experts in many different fields. From biblical scripture, theology, homiletics and Christian doctrine to pastoral counseling, sociology, psychology, mental health and so much more, we need to know it all. 

How do church leaders develop the self-awareness to examine our role in our congregational dynamics and ministry systems to accurately pinpoint the support and leadership training we actually need? 

Sadly, there is no one-stop shop or magical unicorn answer for leadership development. But there is a framework and mindset that leaders can develop to meet these challenges. 

The Leadership Development and Intercultural Competency ministry provides the resources, education and training needed to build leaders who are adaptive, resilient, innovative, interculturally competent and equipped to be facilitators of change for the Church.  

Information is available to help New York Annual Conference deacons, elders, pastors and laity develop leadership qualities and grow to effectively meet the ever-shifting landscape in areas such as: 

About Our NYAC Director Of Leadership Development and Intercultural Competency 

Reverend Doris K. Dalton, Director of Leadership Development and Intercultural Competency, is an ordained deacon in full connection and has been a member of the New York Conference since 2015. She also: 

  • Serves on the NYAC Board of Ordained Ministry and is the chair of the Order of Deacons.
  • Led the Westchester Martin Luther King Jr. Institute for Nonviolence as its executive director.  
  • Holds the position of Chair of the Westchester County Human Rights Commission.
  • Has extensive experience in leadership development, anti-racism training, as well as mediation and conflict-skills training.

Have questions about how to lead transformational leadership and growth in your church? Call us at 914-997-1570 or email Doris Dalton, our Director of Leadership Development and Intercultural Competency, to see how we can help.