Liturgical Arts

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Vision Statement Banner

Vision Statement Banner

Open My Eyes - Shelley Mitchell
Psalm 119:18 says: Open my eyes so I can see what you show me of your miracle-wonders.

Greek Cross - Shelley Mitchell
The Greek Cross has all fours members the same shape and form (crux quadrata) and usually suggests the Christian church rather than a symbol of Christ's suffering.

Altar from the New York Annual Conference in June 2009. Designed by Todd Pick.

Memorial Service
Trinity-Boscobel United Methodist Church

Through the Veil by Shelley Mitchell.
It refers to the tearing of the Temple curtain from top to bottom at moment of Christ's death.
Prayer Walk by Shelley Mitchell.
Made of bits and pieces of junk collected on my morning walks through the subdivision.
Park Slope UMC 2003
Angel on Ceiling
Do It Anway
Centerpoint, Water Altar
Yorktown, Healing Service
Centerpoint, Communion Yorktown, Celebration of Mission