Local Pastors Licensing School

The Local Pastor Licensing School is a foundational and required piece in your preparation to become an appointed local pastor and/or ordained clergy member in the New York Annual Conference.

This is an evaluative experience which means that your preparation, attendance, classroom participation, performance and assignments are all vital in this process. As such, you will be expected to achieve a certain level of knowledge and skills during the time you are in the school.

Details at a Glance

Course Location: Remote and Online

Dates: September through November 2022

Cost: $600.00 to be paid in advance

The Online Format Continues for 2022

Online links and instructions will be e-mailed each Friday from September 10, 2022 until November 5, 2022. Please take time to watch, read, respond and complete all the pieces of the online plan before the following Friday when you will receive the next weeks instruction.

There will be two pieces (one held on August 31, 2022 and the other on November 17, 2022) that will be either in person or by a ZOOM meeting with students.

The materials needed are available for download below:

Need to Know Information

All assignments must be completed and/or turned in within one week of the assignment. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. The reason for this hard policy is that it makes little sense to attend any educational experience unless you are fully prepared, and that the teaching staff has time to reflect upon your assignment on how you are gaining the necessary knowledge and skills necessary to meet the General Board of Higher Education guidelines.

Register as Soon as Possible

You must be fully prepared to begin this formative experience in your ministry process. If you plan on attending Local Pastor Licensing School this fall the registration deadline is July 31, 2022. Please register as early as possible to help in our final plans; order the specific books that are on the book list and download and save the pdf files that are listed.

ALL students must have the same STUDY BIBLE to participate in this class. (We all need more than one study Bible to use in our personal library.)

Have questions? For more information, please contact Rev. Eileen M. Daunt at 914-629-7865.