Memoir Guidelines

Guidelines for Memoirs for the New York Conference Journal*

The purpose in the Conference’s Annual Journal is to present accurately, briefly and comprehensively an account of each deceased individual who served as a clergyperson of the New York Conference. The memoir is not designed to be either a eulogy or a memorial sermon. This brief and specialized biographical account can be a document suitable both as an historical record and a synoptic portrayal of personality and spirit when created sympathetically and skillfully.

Once the memoir is published, persons may use it as an historical resource. They will expect it to be authentic and accurate.

Consider including the following:

  1. Full name of deceased.
  2. Date and place of birth.
  3. Names of parents (including mother’s maiden name).
  4. Pertinent information about childhood and/or early schooling.
  5. Institutions of higher education attended (year of graduation).
  6. Conference relationships (Associate Member, Deacon, Elder, Retired, etc.) with year.
  7. Marriage (spouse’s maiden name, date and place of marriage).
  8. Children (including married names).
  9. Information about call to ministry.
  10. Service within the conference (churches served, committees, notable length of service on a committee, board or agency).
  11. Outstanding accomplishments in service to the church and/or community.
  12. List of honors and distinctions.
  13. Hobbies or special interests.
  14. Books written.
  15. Death (circumstances, date, place, person(s) who officiated at service, place of internment, cemetery name). If cremated, where ashes are interred.
  16. Qualities of character (in your opinion, or quotation of others), that stood out in this pastor’s work and abilities.
  17. Recent photo (this will be returned when requested). If you send an e-mail photo, please send the largest file size possible. If you have a large file that won’t go through the mail, please burn to a CD and mail to the address below.
  18. Name, address, e-mail address and phone number of person writing the memoir.

Please note: The memoir should be limited to approximately 500-600 words (roughly 2 double spaced pages with 1” margins); longer memoirs may require editing. Preferred means of sending are as an e-mail attachment or a typewritten page.

Margaret Howe, Conference Secretary
New York Annual Conference
20 Soundview Avenue
White Plains, NY 10606-3302
Tel: 914.615.2231

*Adapted from “Preparing Memoirs for the Conference Journal” by the General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church.