Ministerial Education Funding - MEF

The Ministerial Education Fund (MEF) is a financial resource. BOOM coordinates for our conference. Each annual conference receives MEF through our apportioned giving. Rev. Lori Miller is the BOOM-elected coordinator. Funds are available annually for seminary students, clergy, and diaconal ministers in our conference.

Seminary Scholarships

In order to qualify for funding, a seminary student must be a certified candidate for ministry (Candidacy Certification is a step in each districts candidacy process). Certified candidates for ministry can receive up to $2,000 per semester. The a lifetime limited on seminary scholarship funds is $12,000. Seminary scholarships are granted as a loan that is automatically forgiven after three years of full time appointed ministry in our conference.

Continuing Education

Licensed, commissioned, consecrated, and ordained members of our conference may apply for MEF to assist with continuing education. MEF is to be used in partnership with the individuals own funds, local parish funds, and other funding sources, as appropriate. Award amounts will typically be 40% of the total amount needed, and an individual may apply only once a year.

MEF Procedure

  • MEF applications will be considered throughout the year on a contemporaneous basis.
  • A written Financial Information Form is required for initial seminary student applications. Seminary students who are continuing their studies must notify MEF prior to the beginning of each school year for further scholarship awards.
  • Continuing Education scholarship requests must specify: name of the applicant; church /address; nature of the continuing education event; costs incurred/expected ; all sources of funding expected; the payee for the award; other relevant information.
  • Actual payment timing of authorized MEF awards will be determined by funds availability within the NYAC.
  • Requests for funding, or for further information should be sent to:

Rev. Lori Miller  MEF Coordinator

The form is to be downloaded from the BOOM webpage