Module 4 - Small Groups

Welcome to the Resource Page for Module 4 - Small Groups!

For this module, you will need:*

Module 4 Leader Notes (pdf)   in English   en Español
This file contains detailed notes for the session, the handouts, and the notes pages of the PowerPoint file for this session. 

Module 4 Participant Notes (pdf)   in English   en Español
This file contains short background information for the chapter, the handout-version of the PowerPoint presentation for this session, and handouts that will be used in class and for homework assignments.

Module 4, Small Groups, PowerPoint Presentation   in English   en Español

Additional handouts:

"Intentional Faith Development"

or "Intentional Faith Development Throughout the Lifespan" (formatted for printing on 11x17 paper, please note page numbers)

"What Every Child Should Experience" (pdf)   in English   en Español

"Christian Education and Formation Ministry" monograph from the Pathways to Congregational Vitality series

"Equipping Teachers and Small-Group Leaders" monograph from the Pathway to Congregational Vitality series

Videos: None