Module 5 - Mission

Welcome to the Resource Page for Module 5 - Mission!

For this module, you will need:*

Module 5 Leader Notes (pdf)
This file contains detailed notes for the session, the handouts, and the notes pages of the PowerPoint file for this session. 

Module 5 Participant Notes (pdf)
This file contains short background information for the chapter, the handout-version of the PowerPoint presentation for this session, and handouts that will be used in class and for homework assignments.

Module 5, Mission, PowerPoint Presentation

Additional handouts/Web sites:

"Whatever You Do"Hymn by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette

Dismounting Dead Horses

Stop: Discerning the Difference between Transformation and Change

1908 Social Creed Methodist Church and Companion Litany (with music)

"Who Is My Neighbor?" Hymn by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette

Videos and MP3:

Video #3: "Practice Makes Perfect" from DVD Opening Ourselves to Grace (See district or conference office for loaner copy.)

Homeless Foot-Washing Video (YouTube)

Elaine Heath lecture on video
You will need approximately the first ten minutes of this video. Please review before session.

"Senzenina," the South African Folk Song used in worship may be purchased and downloaded from (Several versions of the song are also available for purchase on iTunes.)


*Please see Leader Notes for additional supplies and materials needed for this session.