Module 7 - Shared Leadership

Welcome to the Resource Page for Module 7 - Shared Leadership!

For this module, you will need:*

Module 7 Leader Notes  (pdf)
This file contains detailed notes for the session, the handouts and the notes pages of the PowerPoint file for this session.

Module 7 Participant Notes  (pdf)
This file contains short background information for the chapter, the handout-version of the PowerPoint presentation for this session, and handouts that will be used in class and for homework assignments. 

Module 7, Shared Leadership, PowerPoint Presentation

Additional handouts:

Spiritual Gifts Interview Method Handout

Spiritual Gifts Inventory Key and Definitions (pages 3—5 of the Spiritual Gifts Handouts PDF)


Video #4: "Living with Grace" from DVD Opening Ourselves to Grace. (See district or conference office for loaner copy. You may stop after Grace Bradford's testimony. )

Introduction to Spiritual Gifts (online at

Intro to GBOD Webinars


*Please see Leader Notes for additional supplies and materials needed for this session.