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Church Court Finds Bishop not Guilty


A church court found Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño — The United Methodist Church’s first Latina bishop — not guilty of four charges.

Trial Sees Defense of Bishop, Closing Remarks


Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño — The United Methodist Church’s first Latina bishop — testified that she feels great responsibility for the costs that the trial process she is undergoing has brought upon the church.

Black Clergywomen Meet for Fellowship, Mentorship, Empowerment


Exciting. Invigorating. Encouraging. Empowering. A safe place to breathe.

Witnesses Testify in Bishop’s Trial


The church trial of United Methodist Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño continued with witnesses testifying on how they think she violated church law.

African Bishops Tackle Regionalization


Conversations on regionalization, possible new episcopal areas and the Christian definition of marriage dominated the United Methodist Africa Colleges of Bishops learning retreat, held Sept. 2-7 in Lubumbashi, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s second-largest city.

Trial of United Methodist Bishop Gets Underway


For the first time in nearly 100 years, charges against one of The United Methodist Church’s bishops have gone to trial.

Bishops Serving in Africa Pledge to Stay in The United Methodist Church


LUBUMBASHI, Democratic Republic of the Congo - United Methodist Church bishops serving the church in Africa have issued a statement declaring their intention to stay in the denomination despite differences on the issue of human sexuality.

Pope Delighted with John Wesley Bobblehead


Tickling the funny bone of Pope Francis will likely be the fondest memory Ashley Boggan D. takes from the European Methodist Historical Conference, despite all the important work that was accomplished.

Bishop’s Church Trial: Questions and Answers


The United Methodist Church faces something unprecedented in its and its Methodist predecessors’ history: the church trial of one of its bishops.

COB Unveils Updated Ecumenical Documents


The COB Ecumenical staff would like to make available certain documents which may be helpful to you in your ecumenical ministries. Please feel free to use and share these document as you deem appropriate.

What Comes After General Conference Deadline?


The September deadline to submit legislation to General Conference has come and gone. So, what’s next?

Yambasu Grant Helps Mission Farms Flourish


Four United Methodist mission farms in Zimbabwe got a major boost from the Yambasu Agriculture Initiative, with some seeing a bumper harvest for the first time in a decade.

COB President Bishop Bickerton Calls on United Methodists to Focus on Love


LUBUMBASHI – The Council of Bishops President Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton on Sunday called on United Methodists to focus on love because the church’s greatest success depends upon mutual love and meaningful relationships throughout the world.

United Methodists Begin Idalia Recovery


The day after Idalia slammed the Gulf Coast as a Category 3 hurricane, Florida Conference leaders surveyed the results of the storm’s destructive power.

Short Docket Brings More Church-Exit Questions


Even with the denomination’s church-exit policy winding down, The United Methodist Church’s top court faces questions about disaffiliation procedures.

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