Coronavirus: Need to Know Resources and Information

Unsnarling US and Church Racial History


Methodism’s founder wanted to minister with Native Americans and abolish slavery. But decades after John Wesley’s death, a Methodist bishop was a slaveholder and a Methodist clergyman was responsible for one of the worst massacres of Native Americans in U.S. history. So what went wrong?

Bishop Bickerton Offers Steps Toward Dismantling Racism in the New York Annual Conference


The murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 has brought to bear the urgency to intentionally and effectively address systemic racism in all sectors of our society. The church is not immune to that examination as well.

Rev. Dr. Marvin A. Moss Appointed as Director of Congregational Development and Revitalization


Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton is pleased to announce the impending appointment of Reverend Dr. Marvin Anthony Moss as the new Director of Congregational Development and Revitalization for the New York Annual Conference.

Rev. Dr. Javier A. Viera Named President of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary


One of the New York Annual Conference's own, Reverend Dr. Javier A. Viera, has been named the next president of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, effective January 1, 2021.

Council of Bishops Statement on the Scourge of Racism


We join with other church leaders and boards and agencies of the United Methodist Church to add strength to the message that we will no longer remain silent nor complicit but must act now!

NEJ Bishops Pastoral Letter: Addressing the Evil of Racism from a Faith Perspective


The bishops of the Northeastern Jurisdiction have been in deep conversation, prayer, and mutual strategy in recent days...

New General Conference Dates Announced


By Heather Hahn May 26, 2020 | UM News Organizers have announced that the next General Conference will be Aug. 29-Sept. 7, 2021, in Minneapolis, despite pleas that the decision-making body not meet at the start of the academic year. However, the organizers are still looking for ways to ensure delegates, even if they can’t meet in person, can participate online in what many expect to be a historic legislative meeting. The United Methodist Church’s top legislative assembly — postponed from this ...

More then One Pandemic: Reflections on Ahmaud Arbery


Covid-19 dominates the news cycle. But tucked away in some of those broadcasts there is a video. It’s a tape of a young man running. His name is Ahmaud Arbery. He is running in a neighborhood near Brunswick, a small town in southeastern Georgia. It is the last time Ahmaud would run.

Bishop Bickerton Responds Immediately to the Call for Houses of Worship to Open on Memorial Day Weekend


We live in a region that cannot be compared with any other place in the country or world. What others are attempting to do in other regions would only result in increased infection, hardship and death if we were to try to do the same.

The Council of Bishops Condemns the Murder of Ahmaud Arbery, Calls for Justice and the Eradication of Racism


Parents of Black children live in fear each and every day that they themselves or a member of their family will be the next victim as the pervasive culture of racism and white supremacy grows each day. It is time for The United Methodist Church to take a stand and to join our prayers and our actions and denounce our complicity.

Tentative General Conference Dates Publicized


After the pandemic-caused postponement, the new prospective dates for The United Methodist Church’s General Conference are Aug. 31-Sept. 10, 2021.

COVID-19 Could Push the Church Toward Change


The United Methodist Church is scrambling to meet the threat of COVID-19, and some church leaders say changes prompted by the crisis may be worth holding onto after it passes.

A Good Friday Interview with Bishop Bickerton


Watch Bishop Bickerton's Good Friday conversation with General Board of Global Ministries' General Secretary Thomas Kemper.

Announcement from the Council of Bishops: We Invite all to Pray to God to Rid the World of the Coronavirus Pandemic


We join with Pope Francis in calling for prayer tomorrow, March 25, drawing strength from the Annunciation (Luke 1. 26-38), as we are approximately nine months from the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We invite all to pray to God to rid the world of the coronavirus pandemic. And all are urged to pray the Lord’s Prayer at noon in their own time zones.

Church Leaders Postpone 2020 General Conference


With the coronavirus disrupting lives worldwide, General Conference organizers decided they have no choice but to postpone The United Methodist Church’s top legislative assembly.

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