Commission on a Way Forward Issues Status Report


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 26, 2017 WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Commission on a Way Forward has released a status report to the Council of Bishops and the entire United Methodist Church (UMC), updating the church and the leaders on the faithful work of the Commission after four meetings. The 32-member commission is accountable to the Council of Bishops, which named the members following a mandate from the 2016 General Conference. The charge from the General Conference was for the bishops to find a ...

How Are You Serving the Place Where You Are?


The older I get the more tempted I am to fall into certain rhythms, routines, and habits.  I am tempted to drive the same route each day when I’m heading to the office.  At the restaurant, I am tempted to order the menu items that I know that I will enjoy.  Before I go to bed at night and when I awaken in the morning I have the same routine.  The older I get the more predictable I have become. The same is true for our church. The older we have grown as a denomination, the more predictable we ...

Looking for ‘Peace’ Amid the Pieces


“Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace – in peace because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord God you have an everlasting rock.” (Isaiah 26:3-4)   I’ve been reflecting quite a bit lately around how the “piecemeal” fits into my “peace.” I mean, with all of the “piecemeal-ing” occurring around us, where do we find “peace?” In a perfect world there would be no sickness . . . or death. In a perfect world every one would be living harmoniously with every one else. In...

Vencuss Named Coordinator of Mission Ministry


The Rev. Dr. Tom Vencuss is now serving as Coordinator of Mission Ministry for the New York Annual Conference overseeing Disaster Response, Global Outreach, Local Outreach, and Abundant Health.  This appointment by Bishop Tom Bickerton consolidates our NYAC Mission and Outreach Ministry and Disaster Response Ministries.  We are grateful to Rev Joseph Ewoodzie for his leadership over the past 14 years as Mission and Outreach Coordinator; Rev Ewoodzie has been appointed to serve as pastor of a ...

Memorandum from Bishop Bickerton


Thoughts and prayers for all active pastors in the New York Conference

Videos of Annual Conference Services


Are you yearning to hear that powerful sermon from annual conference again or looking to share it with someone who missed it? Check out the GNTV Media Ministry shop to purchase audio and/or video of the event you desire, either on a CD or via download. According to the GNTV web site: "The 2017 New York Annual Conference, “Pathways & Possibilities: The Journey of Disciple Making,” was held June 7-10 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. This product contains the video and audio recordings of ...

NYAC Redrafts, Approves Resolution on Divestment Policies


During the 218th session of the New York Annual Conference, all but one resolution was approved on the consent calendar by the plenary. That initial resolution, #AC501 “Caring for God’s Creation through Improved Investment Policies,” was submitted by the conference Board of Church & Society and was on page 83 of the pre-conference booklet. A substitute resolution was offered by Rev. Bill Shillady and members of the conference's Board of Pensions and Health Benefits. When that version came to ...

Bishop Bickerton's Episcopal Address


  PHOTO BY STEPHANIE PARSONS New York Annual Conference 2017   Before I begin my remarks, I want to say a heartfelt word of thanks to so many of you for your unbelievably warm and affirming welcome to New York.  I have said to so many that I have been blessed by a warm welcome everywhere I have been privileged to serve but never more so than I have here in New York.  Sally and I have been overwhelmed by the constant and consistent words of support, acts of kindness, and expressions of ...

Service of Remembrance Sermon by Rev. Jay Williams


Rev. Jay Williams, Ph.D., preached during the NYAC Service of Remembrance on Thursday, June 8. The transcript of his full sermon is available.

NYAC BOOM Responds to Judicial Council Ruling


At their meeting on May 13, 2017, the Board of Ordained Ministry of the New York Conference adopted the following statement: “We reaffirm our statement from March 1, 2016, in its entirety. We continue to support all of our candidates on their journey toward ordination and continued service to the church of our Lord Jesus Christ. We recognize that other Boards of Ordained Ministry and Conferences have taken a similar stance against the denomination’s unjust position regarding issues of human ...

5 Constitutional Amendments Head to Vote at AC


UMNS | General Conference delegates had their say last year. Now, it’s up to annual conference voters to determine whether five amendments will become part of The United Methodist Church’s constitution. In the coming months, the voters span style="mso-field-code: " HYPERLINK \0022http\:\/\/s3\.amazonaws\.com\/Website_Properties\/news-media\/documents\/2016_Proposed_Constitutional_Amendments\.pdf\0022 \\t \0022_blank\0022 "">will consider changes that address matters of gender equality, ...

JFON Working to Cover Increased Demand for Help


Each year, attorneys across the country working for the Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) program assist thousands of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. According to their web site, they do this one client at a time, slogging through the miles of paperwork, filings, and court appearances for each case. And these services are needed now more than ever in light of the actions and policies of the Trump administration. Recently, Rob Rutland-Brown, director of National JFON, reported that the ...

UMC Believes In Welcoming, Not Exiting


When I was a boy my eyes would always light up when my Mom let me buy a “connect the dots” book from the store.  The books would usually start off with easy puzzles, ones where you could almost see the final product before you ever got started.  But with each passing page, the dots would get more in number and the pictures didn’t reveal themselves until the very end.  With every number identified and every line drawn, the picture would get clearer and more recognizable. I really enjoyed “...

May is Mental Health Awareness Month


by Rev. Leo Yates, Jr. May is known for many observances, but it is also known for Mental Health Awareness Month. In our churches, we often feed the souls of our congregants and visitors, which includes speaking to the whole person: mind, body, and spirit, and this month can reach all of these. A Huffington Post article from August 2015 lists some eye-opening statistics on mental illness:   Half of all adults will suffer from mental illness in their lifetime. Half of all chronic mental ...

Bishops back special Sunday for migration crisis


By Sam Hodges May 4, 2017 | DALLAS (UMNS) The United Methodist Council of Bishops has backed designating a Sunday later this year for prayers about the global migration crisis and for collecting a special offering to address suffering caused by forced migration. The bishops, meeting May 4, also received an update on efforts toward achieving full communion between The United Methodist Church and Episcopal Church. A handful of reports were accepted in the next-to-last-day of the council’s Dallas ...

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