Coronavirus: Need to Know Resources and Information

Methodists cooperate in Haiti's recovery


A UMNS News-feature By Linda Bloom*   For Methodists, the recovery process since the Jan. 12, 2010, Haiti earthquake can easily be measured by statistics: dollars raised, churches and schools repaired, volunteer teams sent. What is less measurable —  but ultimately more important — are the new or renewed relationships forged among Haitian Methodists, Haitian communities, The United Methodist Church and other global partners, both large and small. “Generally speaking, it’s a positive ...

Black leaders talk about church changes


A UMNS Report By Amy Forbus* a class="lightbox" title=" The Rev. Ronnie Miller-Yow, national president of Black Methodists for Church Renewal and pastor of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Little Rock, Ark., shares his perspective at the Can We Talk? gathering. UMNS photos by Amy Forbus. " href="" jquery1326119445173="37">img border="0" alt=" The Rev. Ronnie Miller-Yow, national president of ...

Board screens out private-prison stocks


A UMNS Report By Heather Hahn* a class="lightbox" title=" Angela Moyo protests outside the Nashville, Tenn., headquarters of Corrections Corporation of America on Nov. 14. UMNS photos by Kathleen Barry. " href="" jquery1326118762476="37">Angela Moyo protests outside the Nashville, Tenn., headquarters of Corrections Corporation of America on Nov. 14. UMNS photos by Kathleen Barry. Private prison ...

New report connects farmers, the hungry


A UMNS Report By Linda Bloom* a class="lightbox" title=" Low-income families need better access to nutritious foods, says Bread for the World in its 2012 Hunger Report. Photo courtesy of Bread for the World/Laura Elizabeth Pohl. " href="" jquery1326119757918="37">img border="0" alt=" Low-income families need better access to nutritious foods, says Bread for the World in its 2012 Hunger Report. Photo ...

Call to Action Training


Looking for... Pastors who have not received Call to Action Training I am setting up conference calls to assist those who were unable to attend the Fall Call to Action Training. In order to participate, you will need to be at a computer that is connected to the Internet AND have access to a telephone for the conference call. (Use a phone with unlimited long distance.) I will send you instructions that will allow you to “see my screen” for the training. To get started – please send me an email (...

Science can help church keep its young folk


A UMNS Commentary By Gary B. Sherman* An article, “Six Reasons Young Christians Leave Church,” highlights results from a study by the Barna Group. The findings were reported in the recently published book, “You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving the Church ... and Rethinking Faith” by David Kinnaman. This nationwide study found evidence that for too many young folk, “Churches come across as antagonistic to science.” The study found “three out of 10 young adults with a Christian ...

How congregations can reach job seekers


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Soul changing prayer


10 ways to improve your prayer life Hint: Listen Carefully 5 ideas for helping your child talk to God Rule 1: Make time each day Revive prayer ministries Churches share success stories The Lord's Prayer revisited Forgiving others as you would be forgiven United Methodists share favorite Bible passages, books on prayer

2011: UMC Year-end Highlights


Top stories, videos and photos from 2011. Click here to view this presentation>>

Reminder to Churches: Input Call to Action Goals Online


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Church distributes toys, love and grace


For 18 years, the Sixty-First Avenue United Methodist Church in west Nashville has operated the Last Minute Toy Store, a powerful sign of this small congregation’s incarnational presence in the world. Read more>>

Dear Santa: Could you dry up the Rio Grande or erase the borders?


By A. Jonathan Mejía If you want to have even the slightest idea of what Judgment Day will be like, you have to go to an American Consulate to apply for a visa. The waiting room has a crowd with sweaty palms and a look on their faces as if pondering the question: “What if I get condemned?” I need to keep praying for a better world, the world to come, the world that has been promised to us, the world that will have no Rio Grande in its geography and no sun in the sky: The Land of the ...

Radical Hospitality Publication... Coming to Your Church Soon


Jesus said, "I was a stranger and you welcomed me." The New York Annual Conference is pleased to announce the publication "Radical Hospitality."  Bundles of 5 magazines have been mailed to each local church, and should arrive between the 23rd and 27th of December.   Rev. Ann Pearson opens the magazine with the following: Dear Readers, We are pleased to offer this Radical Hospitality magazine as a resource for welcoming friends and neighbors to your church with a special focus on visitors. We ...

Young Adult Missionary Applications due 2/5/2012


For 60 years, Global Ministries has been sending young people into service. Through the US-2 and mission intern programs, we have enriched the lives of thousands of young men and women, and through their witness touched uncountable youth, adults, and communities. The US-2 and mission intern programs develop church leaders, as young people work in communities that face issues such as poverty, racism, or environmental justice. US-2s serve two years living out faith through social justice in the ...

Advent Week Three: Season Of Joy


A Season of Joy: Joy to the world, the king is coming! By Melanie C. Gordon, from Interpreter Online Photo Illustration by Kathleen Barry So often, we assume Advent is a season of joy for everyone.  We surround ourselves with glittering preparations for Christmas, the smells of pine trees and apple cider, the joyful noise of Christmas carols and the taste of turkey and sweet potato pie.  We see “visions of sugar plums,” and we feel our desire for that new gadget!  As we look at Advent ...

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