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'Extreme Makeover' aids United Methodist


A UMNS Feature By Barbara Dunlap-Berg* Oct. 14, 2011 Volunteers clean the street in front of the Keefer home in Etters, Pa. Photo courtesy of Angie Wert. The story of Brian Keefer, 24, a United Methodist and a college senior, captured the attention of the Emmy Award-winning “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” and ABC-TV viewers can tune in on Friday evening, Oct. 21, to hear it. In the summer of 2008, Keefer was a sophomore at Pennsylvania’s Lock Haven University when he broke his neck in a ...

$1 million grant for Alabama tornado relief


A UMNS Report By Linda Bloom* Oct. 12, 2011 The Rev. Kelly Clem (right) and Christine Kirchberg-Jones clear tornado debris in Harvest, Ala., in May 2011. A UMNS file photo by Reed Galin. At the end of April, Alabama residents were stunned by a record 62 tornadoes that killed 250 people and left homes, businesses and municipalities in tatters. All but two of those tornados touched down somewhere in the United Methodist North Alabama Annual (regional) Conference. This week, directors of the United...

NYAC VIM: The Need for Volunteers is Great


The communities of the Catskill Hudson District still desperately need our help. Please call 914-615-2226, or email  to volunteer. Pastor Charlie Gockel, a UMC licensed local pastor, is featured in this video. He is the director of Huntersfield Christian Training Center outside Prattsville, which has become a key outpost in the recovery effort.

'God put the mission in front of me'


By the Rev. Lourdes Calderón* Sept. 22, 2011 The Rev. Lourdes Calderón (left) visits with Luz Maldonado and her children Yessenia (right) and Charlie at their home and farm in Pajarito Mesa, near Albuquerque, N.M. UMNS photos by Mike DuBose. God called me to serve. God called me to be in mission with my people, God’s people. Since 2001, I have learned about families I met in the markets, parking lots and restaurants of Albuquerque, N.M. Listening to what they said about their community led me ...

Clergy, laity push bishops on gay union ban


A UMNS Report By Heather Hahn* Sept. 16, 2011 More than 300 United Methodist clergy and 500 laity have signed letters urging the Council of Bishops to take a public stand supporting the denomination’s position on marriage and homosexuality. The letters respond to the pledges to bless same-sex unions signed this summer by more than 900 active and retired clergy across the United States. The clergy’s pledges threaten the future of The United Methodist Church, contend both the clergy and laity ...

My Mother's Prayers and 9/11, by Rev. Constance Pak


A UMNS Commentary By the Rev. Constance Y. Pak* Sept. 9, 2011 A 45-foot-high billboard in the Wall Street district of Manhattan, just two blocks from ground zero, offers passersby in December 2001 a word of encouragement from United Methodists. A UMNS file photo by John C. Goodwin Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, 2001, was an ordinary, sunshiny day. I went to my office early and read Scripture. I didn’t know what was going on until my assistant came in with urgent news. Actually, no one knew what was ...

Together Through Storm and Flood


By Linda Unger* Rushing floodwaters in the small town of Prattsville pushed homes off their foundations, uprooted trees, and stole whole chunks of road and sidewalks. Linda Unger/UMCOR "I don’t even know where the food comes from; I turn around and it appears,” said Elfrieda Benjamin of the pans full of meatloaf, bread, and other staples that are constantly refilled to feed Tropical Storm Irene survivors in Windham, New York. Benjamin, a member of Windham-Hensonville United Methodist Church, ...

Bishop's Letter Regarding 9/11


"May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in you." (Psalm 33:22) August 23, 2011 Dear United Methodists of the New York Annual Conference: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer, the Prince of shalom, Healer of our brokenness, and Hope of the world! As we observe the 10th anniversary of 9/11, our hearts go out to the grieving families and loved ones of the innocent victims for their suffering. They are in our prayers for comfort, strength, and...

Let Us Not Forget September 11, 2001


      New York Annual Conference, United Methodist Church                                                                    August 17, 2011   Let Us Not Forget  September 11, 2001  9/11 Resources   Provided through GBOD:   9/11 Plus 10:  Between Memory and Hope      Worship, preaching and teaching resources for the tenth anniversary of 9/11 from The United Churchof Christ.  Visit Website   A Native American Litany from the ...

Focus Aug. 10 on Immigrant Program


Throughout the day Wednesday, Aug. 10, go to to hear about Justice For Our Neighbors, a program of the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Thirteen annual conferences operating through 28 church-based clinics across the United States are working with their immigrant neighbors through the justice program, helping those immigrants to feel accepted and to gain a better understanding of their rights. An UMCOR story Each Justice for Our Neighbors legal clinic is an opportunity for ...

Cultivating Adult Faith in Practice


Identifying and talking about experiences of God help adults recognize God’s presence in their daily lives. Invite adults to draw a picture or create a timeline of their spiritual journey, then talk about one place on the journey with another group member. For more information on helping adults talk about their faith, see “Faith Sharing: Easy as 1–2–3”>> an article by Kwasi Kena.

Dropping the I-Word Bulletin Insert


GCORR is on its way to collecting 10,000 pledges to Drop the I-Word from the United Methodist connection by Dec. 6, 2011. The term “illegal” is inaccurate, harmful and it fails to capture the complexities and varied stories of people involved in the immigration process. Use of the i-word targets people of color and immigrants and leads to racial profiling and scapegoating rather than addressing the larger issues at hand. For more information about this campaign, click here>> To download a copy ...

Christians Worldwide Reach Out to Norway


A UMNS Report By Barbara Dunlap-Berg* 4:00 P.M. EDT July 25, 2011 In response to the bombing and mass-shooting attack in Norway that killed more than 90 people and injured scores, United Methodist and other church leaders worldwide called for prayer and solidarity. Bishop Christian Alsted, who leads the Nordic and Baltic Area, issued a statement. “Life in Norway that we usually experience safe and secure was brutally shaken by a violent bomb explosion in the government district in Oslo on ...

NYAC Launches New Web Application for Volunteers in Mission


I am very happy to invite you to the new VIM Web site. You’ll find information about all of the different VIM opportunities available with descriptions of the work we will be doing, and lists of upcoming trips. You’ll be able to apply to go on these trips right from the Web site. The NYAC VIM Web site offers you the following exciting features: 1. Apply to be a member of NYAC VIM team and receive your personal log in username and password. 2. Your completed personal profile online, including ...

5 Things Churches Need to Know About Music Performance License


1. You do not need to obtain a performance license to play, sing, perform or present music in your congregational worship service in your church. This is allowed by the religious exemption clause in the USA copyright law. It is important to understand that this exemption covers only your congregational worship service in your church. It does not cover copying, broadcasting, telecasting, webcasting, recording, or any other use of the music. These uses may be covered by obtaining permissions from ...

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