Advent Wreath Making Survival Guide

Advent Wreath Making Survival Guide


Many churches offer Advent Wreath making as an intergenerational activity. There are so many positive aspects of this activity. On the other hand, careful planning is needed. Today we hear from Kathryn Carroll, who has been coordinating this event for years, along with her Advent “gurus” at Christ Church United Methodist in New York City. It’s another installment of Building Faith’s BTDT – Been There, Done That!

How it all started (and became intergenerational)
When I began working with children and families at Christ Church eight years ago, I inherited the tradition of families gathering on Advent 1 to make Advent wreaths. This occasion was small, sweet, and simple.

Five years ago, a few of our young, single adults asked if this was a families-only event.  Of course not – have at it! By then it had started to become quite a production, as the number of families had increased exponentially, but leadership for the event had not grown proportionately. Coincidence or divine intervention: those young adults jumped in and created Adventfest!

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