Three United Methodist Churches Say, "Don't Go to Church"

Three United Methodist Churches Say, "Don't Go to Church"


Local Churches Shut Down Sunday Service to Serve the Community

Westchester County, New York, June 2nd, 2009-The church has left the building.  And this Sunday, its community will be glad they did.  The United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco, Yorktown United Methodist Church and Trinity-Boscobel United Methodist Church in Buchanan are putting their faith into action by canceling their regular Sunday services to practice very purposeful acts of kindness throughout their communities.

Volunteers from the churches and the community will be joining together to perform various tasks such as: carpentry work, cooking, cleaning, calling on shut-ins, nursing home visits, painting, litter pick-up and yard work.  A total of 8-10 work projects, with something for all ages and abilities, will be held during Faith in Action Sunday, bringing together community members from both within, and outside the churches. 

"We're excited about how our congregation rallied to support this special weekend of service to our community when we did this last year.  We are especially excited to be partnering with the Yorktown and Buchanan congregations this year," Says United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco's Pastor Matthew T. Curry, "Many of the people in our work parties are neighbors who don't even attend our church, but see the value of what we are doing and want to help.  We invite everyone to join us,"

The congregations and their pastors see this as an extension of their denomination's campaign to "Rethink Church" by offering new experiences of church that extend beyond Sunday Morning worship services and asking "What if church wasn't just a building?"

Anyone wanting to join a work party can meet at any of the three churches at 9:30am, Sunday, June 7th.

For more information about United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco and Faith in Action Sunday, contact The Reverend Matthew T. Curry, Pastor.

The Reverend Matthew T. Curry, Pastor
United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco, 300 Main St., Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 or 914-666-5014