NYAC Launches New Web Application for Volunteers in Mission

NYAC Launches New Web Application for Volunteers in Mission


I am very happy to invite you to the new VIM Web site. You’ll find information about all of the different VIM opportunities available with descriptions of the work we will be doing, and lists of upcoming trips. You’ll be able to apply to go on these trips right from the Web site.

The NYAC VIM Web site offers you the following exciting features:
1. Apply to be a member of NYAC VIM team and receive your personal log in username and password.
2. Your completed personal profile online, including your skills will be good for every VIM trip you want to take.
3. You can download ALL the required trip forms (medical release, insurance, etc.) online.
4. You get complete access to all scheduled VIM trips when logged in to the Members Area.
5. Update your personal membership profile anytime, anywhere.

Are you ready to request for your free membership?

Take this LEAP OF FAITH into the new VIM Web site by clicking here: www.nyac.com/vim

Together In Mission,
Rev. Joseph Ewoodzie
Conference Mission Coordinator
New York Annual Conference
The United Methodist Church
Email: jewoodzie@nyac.com
Tel: 914-615-2233