NYAC Ruling on Judicial Council Docket

NYAC Ruling on Judicial Council Docket


The United Methodist Judicial Council will consider 13 docket items when it meets Oct. 23-26 in Baltimore. Among the issues is a ruling by San Antonio Bishop James E. Dorff regarding the removal of Mary Ann Kaiser, a lesbian clergy candidate, from the ordination process in the Southwest Texas Annual (regional) Conference. For the Kaiser story go to: www.umc.org/site/apps/nlnet/content3.aspx

The council will also consider a ruling of law by Bishop Martin D. McLee on whether a resolution approved during the 2013 Annual Conference, "Commendation Of Those Who Have Taken A Stand For Justice," violates the Book of Discipline. McLee's ruling — like all bishops’ rulings on questions of law — automatically goes for review to the Judicial Council, the denomination’s top court.

Bishop McLee's ruling can be found at: nyconfnew.s3.amazonaws.com/4E222F0C39914B0CAA39769848467EE0_Bishops_Decision_of_Law-FINAL-2013_07_02.pdf

The council's fall docket can be found at: www.umc.org/atf/cf/%7Bdb6a45e4-c446-4248-82c8-e131b6424741%7D/DOCKET_%2010-13.PDF